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FAQ- Email Hosting and Mailboxes

Mailboxes, also referred to as custom email addresses, are available on many Pair hosting accounts. This article answers commonly asked questions about the email hosting service Pair Networks provides.

How do I use email hosting on my account?
The Pair Networks email solution allows you to create email addresses, referred to as "mailboxes" directly in your account. These email addresses will use a domain you are hosting on the account.
For example, if you are hosting example.com on your account, you can create a mailbox with the address: [email protected].

For specific instructions on how to configure mailboxes on your account, see our article: A Guide to Mailboxes.

Please note: if you do not have a domain name hosted on your account, you will be unable to use the email hosting service. If you wish to use the service without registering a domain, we recommend creating a pairsite subdomain on your account. This will open the email interface for use.
How do I access my mailbox?
After you have created a mailbox, it will take some time for the new mailbox to be set up. After it has been created in our system, you will be able to log in to the mailbox using our Webmail platform.

This platform lets you log in to your new mailbox with the email address and password you selected during creation.

Once you have logged in to the webmail interface with your new mailbox, you will be able to view, manage, and send emails from your new address.

You can also set up your email to work with many popular email clients. It will work with any POP3 or IMAP client. We have tutorials for setting up Pair Networks mailboxes with:

Mac Mail
• iOS Mail (iPad and iPhone)
Outlook 2013
Android Mail
Thunderbird for Mac OS X
Thunderbird for Windows 10
Windows 10 Mail
Can I set up custom configurations for my mailboxes, like automatic forwarding?
In our Account Control Center (ACC), we've created an interface that allows you to easily create custom configurations for your mailbox. These rules are called recipes. Recipes can be applied to one mailbox or all mailboxes on a domain. You can read about recipes in detail in our article: Email Recipes: Email Forwarding, Autoresponders, and Advanced Configurations.

Recipe configurations include:

• Automatic Forwarding
• Autoresponders
• Specific email blocking
Can I have multiple custom configurations per mailbox?
If you are using our mailbox recipes to set up your custom mailbox configuration, then you may have as many recipes on your mailbox as you like.
How many mailboxes are included with my account?
To view the mailbox allocation for your hosting package, follow these steps:

1. Login to the ACC
2. Go to the top navigation bar and click on your user name
3. In the drop-down, click Your Hosting Package Details

This will show you your current hosting package's details. You can find your account's mailbox allotment in the Account Limits section.
What happens if I need more mailboxes than the number included?
If you need more mailboxes than what your account currently offers, you can continue to create your mailboxes for an extra $1/ month per mailbox. These extra mailboxes will appear as an overusage charge on your billing statement each month.
What are my mailbox's outgoing and incoming server names?
If you are setting your mailbox up for use with an email client, you will need outgoing and incoming server names. For specific instructions on how to find your mailbox's outgoing and incoming server names, see our article: How to Find Your Email's Incoming and Outgoing Servers
Does my hosting account have email?
To check whether or not your hosting account has mailboxes:
1. Log in to your hosting account at my.pair.com
2. Click your hosting account username at the top of the homepage
3. In the drop-down, click the Your Hosting Package Details tab
4. Find the Mailbox Limit section. If there is no Mailbox Limit section listed on your page, then your account does not include mailboxes with your account.
mailbox image

Don't have mailboxes included, but would like some? You may be able to enable our Email Add On. Read this article for more information: Enabling Email Add On
Updated on January 24, 2023

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