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WP Professional Plus

WP Enthusiast and WP Professional hosting accounts can use this tutorial if the Email Add On has been enabled.

How do I receive email?

You will need to use the Account Control Center to set up mailboxes, forwarding, autoresponders, and other features to handle your incoming mail.

How do I access my mailbox?

Any mailbox on our servers is remotely accessible with any POP3 or IMAP client such as Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook, Pegasus, or others. You can also access your mailboxes through the Web by using Webmail.pair.com.

What custom features can I use to handle email?

Through My pair Account Control Center you may configure any of the following :

  • Automatic forwarding
  • Automatic replies to incoming emails (autoresponder)
  • Block incoming emails addressed to specific recipients

What is a recipe?

A recipe is a rule that describes how a particular email address should handle incoming email messages. You can apply a single recipe or multiple recipes to any mailbox on your account. Recipes include Forward, Autorespond, and Block. For more detailed information on mailbox recipes, go to the Email Forwarding, Autoresponders, and Advanced Configurations page.

How do I utilize the free additional mailboxes included with each account?

You may configure those mailboxes through My pair Account Control Center. Each mailbox may receive email addressed to a specific address in a domain name hosted on your account, or all email addressed to that domain name. Please note that if you elect to use our services without a domain name, these mailboxes are unavailable to you; at least one domain name is required.

How many mailboxes are included with each account type?

To view the mailbox allocation for your hosting package, Login to the ACC and click on "Your Hosting Package Details" under the "Account Administration" section.

What happens if I need more mailboxes than the number included?

You may configure as many mailboxes as you need through the My pair Account Control Center. If you configure more mailboxes than your account includes, an over-usage charge will appear on your billing statement each month. Each extra mailbox costs $1/month.

How can I send email?

You can send email using our SMTP server - username.mail.pairserver.com

username should be replaced by your pair Networks username.

Updated on June 12, 2019

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