Prepay for 12 months and get 50% off Shared and WordPress Hosting Packages

Shared: Starting at $3.99/month (regularly $7.95)
WordPress: Starting at $7.99/month (regularly $14.95)

Prepay for 12 months and get 50% off Shared and WordPress Hosting Packages

Shared: Starting at $3.99/month (regularly $7.99)
WordPress: Starting at $7.99/month (regularly $14.99)

Pair Networks’ Referral Program




Pair Referral Program

The Referral Program Benefits You!

When a new customer successfully signs up with your referral coupon code and completes their first payment, your account will be credited the full retail price of one month of hosting fees for the newly-referred customer’s account type.*

Summary of Benefits

You Get:

Credit on Your Future Invoices for Successful Referrals

Based on Hosting Plan, They Get:

WordPress & Shared
(Annual Plan w/ 50% off Promo)


Free .com Domain Registration for the First Year

WordPress & Shared
(Monthly Plan)


20% off Hosting Fees

Podcast & VPS
(Annual or Monthly Plan)


20% off Hosting Fees

* This credit applies towards paying your future invoices only.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions:

Share your referral coupon code to allow a friend to receive 20% off hosting fees or Free .com domain registration for the first year depending on the hosting plan they choose.
*See summary of benefits above for details

New customers can take advantage of the special by entering the referral coupon code when signing up for services. Discounts will be applied during the sign up process on

Customers taking advantage of the referral coupon code will be billed immediately for the full billing term they select. Discount applies to hosting fees only. Add-ons, domains, and other services are not eligible for discount. Discount applies to the first billing term only. Valid payment information is required.

Limit one promotion per referred customer.

Pair Networks reserves the right to reduce, limit, or deny referral credits in the case of suspected fraud or abuse. We may change the terms and offer of the referral program at any time and without notice. Referral credits are not considered cash prepayments and, therefore, will not increase a refund, if any, otherwise due to a referring account that cancels, reduces, or otherwise modifies their services.

Additional terms may apply. Contact sales if you have any questions, [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find my referral code?
You can find your referral code by:
number 1 Logging in to the Account Control Center (ACC) at
number 2 Click Referral Codes at the bottom of the left sidebar
number 3 Click View your current Referral Codes
Your referral code will be listed.

*Resellers must contact sales for referral codes: [email protected]

Do referral codes expire?
No. Codes will never expire.
Can codes be used for multiple referrals?
Yes. Each code is multi-use and won’t expire.
What happens if I create a new referral code and someone uses an old code?
Don’t worry. The old code will still work, even if you have created new codes. Each code is multi-use and won’t expire.