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You can duplicate blocks quickly in the Gutenberg Editor. This will copy the blocks exactly as they are, recreating the content as well as the block. However, this is only within the same post or page. 

If you want to copy blocks to move to another post or page, we recommend you check out our How to Create Reusable Blocks article instead.

Make sure you are using the Gutenberg editor. If you upgraded to WordPress 5, then your post and page editor will default to use the Gutenberg editor. If you are still using WordPress 4 (or earlier) or have the Classic Editor installed, then your editor will not work with this tutorial.

How to Duplicate Blocks

Follow these instructions to duplicate a block in the Gutenberg Editor:

  1. Open a post editor
  2. Click on the block you want to duplicate
  3. At the right end of the block’s tool bar, click the three dotsthree dots image
  4. Click Duplicateduplicate image

This will create an exact copy of the block underneath your currently selected block. You can then move this block around as you wish. See our How to Rearrange Gutenberg Blocks article for more information. 

Updated on November 4, 2021

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