Service Levels

We talk a lot about our Support — the friendly, Pittsburgh-based experts who will help you any time you have a problem or just need some guidance with our services. But our 24/7 support is only a small part of what makes Pair services “just work”. Like any reliable service provider, we do most of our work behind the scenes so you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about whether our services will be available.

To provide reliable, high-performing service, our teams of systems engineers, support technicians, hardware technicians, account managers, and programmers work around the clock to manage pair’s datacenters, hardware, network, software, and services.

Below, we’ve outlined a selection of the many services we provide for core hosting services, plus additional levels of management that are included with managed WordPress hosting and managed dedicated server hosting.

Core Hosting Services

For our core hosting services, we provide a variety of behind-the-scenes maintenance and preventative measures. We regularly test network connections for optimal speed and performance. We have a multi-provider network so there’s a backup in place if one network experiences downtime. If there’s a problem with a network, we contact our providers so you don’t have to. Our network support also includes intrusion point detection monitoring and checking for unusual activity like a DDOS attack.

Because we custom built your server hardware ourselves, we carefully manage and maintain our servers for superior performance. This includes keeping your server hardware up-to-date, proactively replacing failed hardware, installing drivers, and testing server connections. One advantage (of many) to building all of the hardware ourselves is that we source for affordable parts and pass the savings on to you.

We also support your server’s operating system (OS), which includes managing security patches and testing and installing Kernel updates. If you want to communicate directly with your server, we provide support documentation on how to use the OS to do this.

We also support a variety of server software including:

We configure the software to work with our custom-built hardware and fine tune for speed and performance. We ensure installation and keep software updated in accordance with stability and security considerations. We also manage the hypervisor software, which controls the allocation of resources for each server to various accounts.

In addition to core hosting hardware, network, and software management, we manage all pair-provided tools such as our Account Control Center control panel, and we offer additional levels of management for certain services such as managed WordPress hosting and managed dedicated server hosting. See the chart below for a quick comparison, and keep reading for more information about our additional management.

Custom pair Services

Our custom services include the Account Control Center (ACC), PairSIM, PairList, and backups. We manage and support all of our custom services so they integrate seamlessly with your server. Because we develop these custom services ourselves, we pre-install the interface to use them, frequently test to verify they function correctly, and even teach you how to use them.

For the ACC, we work to improve the custom-built interface by optimizing it for speed, performance, and security. We update the ACC regularly and carefully manage the various features and addons included with the control center.

PairSIM allows you to easily install third-party applications. We test all of the applications before installation and make sure they’re compatible with the server. We also manage updates so the latest version of the software is available to you. Third-party applications are also supported if installed using PairSIM.

Support for PairList means we verify that it works with our email servers and that it’s secure. We keep the interface up-to-date as well as the software it runs on. The pairList email has its own servers to improve speed.

We continually improve our email software for junk filtering, storage, and to better manage the size of media files and attachments. Email support includes the tools needed for email management like adding new users, setting up additional mailboxes, configuring individual mailboxes, and adjusting settings.

Behind-the-scenes we manage disaster recovery backups and will help you restore your website with the backups we have available. Our disaster recovery backups are stored offsite for added security. We also support tools so you can configure your own backups. We will assist you with our Cron interface, navigating the backups interface, and browsing backup files. We can also help you restore your own backups if they were created using our tools.

WordPress Hosting Platform

What We Support

When you sign up for WordPress hosting with Pair Networks, we will install WordPress and ensure that the hardware and server software are compatible. We essentially provide the same level of support services as with our other hosting packages, but with some additions. Because WordPress is a resource-intensive CMS, we offer additional support services to ensure your WordPress site and hosting account are optimized for speed, security, and performance.

Along with our core hosting services support for hardware, network, software, and installation, we also offer assistance for the following WordPress tools and services:

We will support and monitor email, web services, SSH/SFTP, and the ACC to verify that all of these tools are working properly. We can also assist with problems with the WordPress admin panel.

We will manage, test, and install WordPress core updates automatically so you always have the most current, secure version of the CMS.

We can help you configure your own WordPress backups and assist you in restoring your website if needed. In addition to configurable backups, we also have disaster-recovery backups that we can use in an emergency. Additionally, we provide a custom-built backups solution to all WordPress hosting accounts.

We will manage confirmed WordPress bug reports as they relate to WordPress Core Trac. We can also relay feature requests to the WordPress developers so you don’t have to.

We will support use of and functionality of the webmail client offered with your WordPress hosting account’s email addon service.

Support for staging is also included with our WordPress hosting plans. We manage the staging interface, provide troubleshooting, provide user documentation, and ensure our staging feature works as intended and is updated when new features are needed.

We will install and support pair SSL certificates and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and we provide an SSL certificate interface for organizing and managing your certificates across all sites. We will also support plugins included with your WP hosting plan like the All-In-One Security plugin.

Managed Dedicated Servers

When you sign up for Dedicated Server hosting with Pair Networks, we will build and configure your server according to your order and custom hardware requirements, and we will ensure that the hardware and server software are compatible. We start by providing the same base level of support services as with our other hosting packages, but with some additional management and a higher tier of service guaranteed by our comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

Because Dedicated Servers are single-tenant and highly customizable, we offer additional support services to ensure that your server is set up according to your specialized needs, and tuned to perform according to your specific application. We also provide additional support for hardware changes and upgrades, multi-server setups, and custom software installations.

We will also support load balancing. A large website may require hosting on multiple servers, which means a load balancer is needed to distribute requests to the different servers. We can set up a dedicated server to act as a load balancer or we can help customers set up a software-based load balancer for a fee.

Managed dedicated servers can take advantage of browsable, off-server backups. Pair manages the backup service, hardware, and interface.

Some additional services provided for managed dedicated hosting include:

Additional Services

Pair also supports the installation of Weebly, pair CDN, SSL certificates, Let’s Encrypt and ShopSite. We will make sure these third-party tools work with our server hardware, software, and networks. While we automatically install Pair SSL certificates if you purchase one, we can also help you install an SSL certificate acquired through a third party.

For Weebly and ShopSite, we don’t offer services to build the website for you, but we can provide an overview of how to use these tools.

Pair CDN support includes assistance with set up and configuring your site to serve specific content over the CDN.

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