Fully Managed Hosting for WordPress

Premium Features Included for Free

The Pro-Grade Tools You Need for Incredible Sites

We include all the tools you need for your best WordPress sites: free site staging with one-click reversions and password protected staged sites, our custom-built backups solution to manage all your backups from one easy to use interface, and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

Focus on Your Brand. Leave the Rest to Us.

Hit the ground running. With managed WordPress hosting, we pre-install and pre-configure WordPress, we manage your server OS, network speed and security, network uptime, your server hardware and its performance, core WordPress updates, email addon setup, addons like our CDN and ecommerce software, account access, pairSIM installations, and pair software and services. Plus pair has received Best Places to Work in Pittsburgh awards 12 times. Happy support employees are friendly, patient, and ready to go the extra mile.

Optimized For WordPress

We’ve been hosting sites since the beginning of the WordPress platform. Leveraging our decades of reliable hosting experience, our WordPress hosting offerings are built on datacenter-class hardware tuned for the best in WordPress performance and reliability. With our custom server infrastructure built around NGINX and our custom-built hosting control panel, you’ll enjoy not only the best in WordPress performance, but an easy to use hosting platform.

Get More from Your Host

Our managed WordPress hosting comes set up for your new WordPress site. Keep your site safe and secure with multiple backups tools, free Let’s Encrypt certificates, and password-protected site staging.

WordPress Tools

  • Site Staging with Password Protection
  • Available Browsable External File Backups
  • Configurable, Automatic WordPress Backups
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates with Automatic Renewal
  • WordFence Security Plugin

WordPress Help

  • Available Full-Service Onboarding Program
  • Dozens of Knowledge Base Tutorials and YouTube Tutorials
  • Free WordPress Tips Newsletter
  • Certified WordPress Support Technicians

Fully Optimized Environment

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Ubuntu
  • Available SSH and SFTP Access

Focus on Your Business, Leave the Rest to Us

We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

We manage your server software, network speed and security, network uptime, your server hardware and its performance, core WordPress updates, email setup, disk and bandwidth, addons like our CDN and ecommerce software, account access, and pair software and services.

Our Customers Love Us

We’ve been perfecting web hosting since 1996. Continuously improving our services,
applications, and customer support means we have a lot of satisfied customers.

Easy-to-Use Control Panel

Other hosts license third-party control panels and cobble together a clunky interface. We built and support our own control panel, designed exclusively for intuitive use, outstanding performance, and industry-leading security. Dedicated interfaces for backups, site staging, and SSL certificates make it easy to take advantage of our professional tools.

Who is WordPress Hosting Good For?

With a variety of price points and packages for hobbyists all the way to enterprises, Managed WordPress is all about providing our optimized WordPress hosting on any kind of server. If your needs ever grow, we make it easy to upgrade your service, and we even do all the heavy lifting for you. Or if you’re happy with what you have, we won’t make you change.

How Does Managed WordPress Work?

Our managed WordPress hosting is a set of custom-built solutions such as our control panel, site staging, backups, and SSL interfaces combined with a specially-designed server architecture tested, optimized, and tuned for WordPress speed, reliability, and security. We provide these solutions and our optimized architecture on top of a variety of server configurations designed for the hobbyist (Enthusiast packages) all the way up to Enterprise (WordPress Professional Plus).

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