Content Delivery Network

PairCDN is our optional, easy-to-use content delivery network, offering higher worldwide site performance for your visitors with no hassles.

We take the complication, expense, and confusion out of using a content delivery network. You can get started today with no contract, low monthly fees, no software to install, and access to our World Class support team.

Global Reach

Geographically diverse network covering North America and Europe.

High Speed Delivery

Dramatic load time improvements for static content such as images, HTML, scripts, and style sheets.

No Lock-In

Convenient and straightforward monthly billing.

The PairCDN Map

PairCDN operates over a diverse network covering North America and Europe, as shown here:

North America:

Ashburn, VA | Atlanta, GA | Chicago, IL | Dallas, TX | Los Angeles, CA | Miami, FL | New York, NY | Newark, NJ | Phoenix, AZ | San Francisco, CA | San Jose, CA | Seattle, WA | Toronto, ON


Amsterdam, NL | Brussels, BE | Frankfurt, DE | London, UK | Madrid, ES | Paris, FR | Stockholm, SE

Easy Performance Boost

PairCDN increases the performance of your website by distributing your content over a geographically-diverse content delivery network. When users access your site, the bulk of the response time is due to content download such as images, style sheets, and scripts. When you are using PairCDN, however, your visitors will download that content from the nearest available server on the PairCDN network, resulting in significantly faster response times.


Each site with the PairCDN service enabled will be billed the monthly rate shown above, per bucket of usage. Data transfer is rounded up to the nearest full bucket size each month.

If you have any questions, or are interested in directly serving other geographic zones using PairCDN, please contact sales.