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Block Editor: How to Create Reusable Blocks

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The Gutenberg Block Editor interface allows you to create your own kind of blocks. These blocks are called Reusable Blocks. They are stored in their own Reusable category in the Search for Block interface.

Make sure you are using the Gutenberg Block editor. If you upgraded to WordPress 5, then your post and page editor will default to use the Gutenberg editor. If you are still using WordPress 4 (or earlier) or have the Classic Editor installed, then your editor will not work with this tutorial.

How to Create Reusable Blocks

To create reusable blocks, follow these steps:

  1. Open the post or page editor in the WordPress admin interface
  2. Add a block and format it the way you want it to appear when reused. If you plan to code the block yourself, consider using the Custom HTML block
  3. Select the block by clicking it

    Make sure the block is selected. If it is not, then the next steps will not work.

  4. Click the More Options dots in the top nav barmore options image
  5. In the drop-down, click Add to Reusable Blocksadd to image
  6. Enter a name for the block and click Savesave image

The block will now be available exactly as you have styled and named it. You will be able to find it under the Reusable category within Search for Block interface.reusable image

Updated on November 4, 2021

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