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Moving Your Website to Pair Networks




There are a few simple steps you should follow to move your website from an existing web hosting company over to Pair Networks.

1. Select a Pair Networks Web Hosting Plan

The first step in moving your site is to sign up for a Pair Networks hosting plan that is right for you. Click here for a list of our web hosting offerings. Once you sign up for a hosting plan, it should take no longer than one business day for your account to become active. Usually, it takes no longer than a few hours.

2. Add Domain Names to Your Account

After your account is activated, you can add domain names to that account via our administration control panel, Account Control Center. Here are the steps to add domain names to
your Web hosting account:

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center
  2. Select Domains
  3. Select Add a Domain Name
  4. Enter the domain name and select the domain hosting option. Do not include the http:// or the www. prefixes
  5. Select Proceed
  6. For Dedicated IP domain hosting: Select the billing term and select Proceed
  7. Read and print the information on the confirmation page and select Proceed

3. Upload Your Website Files to Your Pair Networks Hosting Account

You should now move your website files from your old Web host or home computer to Pair Networks using FTP or SFTP. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is the most widely-used protocol designed for transferring files from one machine to another. For more information on finding and using an FTP application, please read our "Uploading Files Using FTP" Knowledge Base Support article.

This article will explain how to set up the FTP application so that you can place your files in the correct directory of your
Web hosting account. If you need assistance with using FTP to move your files, please contact our friendly Support Team at
[email protected].

After you upload your files, you can create directories, create new autoresponder messages, and set up mailboxes to match your old Web host settings. Again, our Support Team can help you with any questions you may have about setting up your new Web hosting account. They can also help you if you are looking to move your email from your current host to Pair Networks.

Below are a few Knowledge Base Support articles that can help you create mailboxes and set up account at Pair Networks:

At this point, you can test to see if your site is working by typing one of the following into a Web browser (such
as Internet Explorer or Firefox):

  • IP Address of the corresponding domain name you added to your account (which can be found in the Domain Hosting Management section of the ACC). This option is only available for Dedicated IP domain hosting
  • Web Hosting Server Address (http://USERNAME.pairserver.com). You'll need to replace USERNAME with your pair Networks main account username.

4. Change Your Name Servers to Point Your Domain Name(s) to Your Website Files

After your files are correctly set up, you will need to contact your domain name registrar to update your name servers to Pair Networks name servers. A name server is a computer that tells where a domain name is located. Every computer on the internet has a numeric (IP) address such as Name servers allow you to associate a domain name with an IP address (e.g. you can use "example.com" instead of the numeric IP address.)

Your Pair Networks name servers can be found on your original Welcome Message or by clicking on one of your domain names in the Domain Hosting Management section of the ACC. Contact your domain name registrar and have them update your current name servers to your new Pair Networks name servers.

This process of updating name servers takes approximately 24 to 72 hours to complete. We recommend that you leave your previous Web hosting account set up during this 24 to 72 hour period to ensure that visitors will still be able to access your website. We also suggest that you check your email at your previous Web hosting provider during this time as well as your new Pair Networks mailboxes to ensure you do not miss any email. After this 24 to 72 hour period, you can then remove the account at your previous Web hosting provider.

At this point, your website has officially been moved to Pair Networks.

Updated on February 19, 2020

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