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How do I take backups?

There are three types of backups you can take in your WP Hosting account:

Knowing which kind of backups you want is necessary before we can show you the steps needed.

Manual Backups

Manual backups can be taken in the ACC. The customer can visit their site management page in the ACC and force a backup. This will only happen when the customer initiates the backup and will not repeat. See our Manual Backups article for more instructions.

Scheduled/Automated Backups

Scheduled site backups can be set up in your WP Hosting ACC. Sites can be configured to backup daily or once a week and hold up to 5 backups at a time. See our How to Setup WP Automated Backups article for more instructions.

File Backups

File Backups allow the customer to access the contents of the backup. Since file backups have a customer facing interface, you can recover batches of files or a single file easily from your past backups. See our How to Set Up File Backups article for more information.

How do I manage my current backups?

You can manage your site’s existing backups by going to the List Sites interface and clicking the Backups tab. To get to the Backups tab:

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click WordPress in the left sidebar
  3. Click List Sites in the drop-down
  4. Click on the Nickname of the site you’d like to backup
  5. Click the Backups tab

Once there, you can see a list of existing backups with timestamps. You can delete, restore, or manually create backups here.

 How do I schedule or automate backups?

You can easily schedule backups in your WP Hosting ACC. See our How to Setup WP Automated Backups article for instructions.

Do backups count against my account’s storage space?

Yes, your both your manual and automatic backups will count against your accounts disk space. However, File backups are purchased separately and come with their own storage space separate from your account.

What is backed up?

Our backup system makes a dump of the database and backs up all WP files in its installation directory, as well as Pair’s metadata about the installation itself.

Why do I have more backups listed than the number I listed to be backed up?

This may happen because backups are not cleaned until a new automatic backup is taken. This means that any manual backups you have taken or past automatic backups will still be stored until a new backup is taken. When a new backup is taken, it will clean any excess backups so that it fits the number listed under Backups to keep.

Updated on September 14, 2021

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