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How to Set Up Automatic Backups for Individual WordPress Sites

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With the automatic WordPress backups feature, you can set specific backup settings for individual sites. See the instructions below for instructions on how:

Note that this interface is only available in the Account Control Center of the Managed WordPress hosting packages.

How to Set Up Individual Site Backup Settings

You can set up WordPress backups specifications for individual sites. These specifications will only apply to the site you have applied them to.

  1. Go to the WordPress Backups interface. If you need help finding the WordPress Backups interface, see our How to Find WordPress Automatic Backups article
  2. Find your site’s name under Site Name
  3. Next to the site name, under Status, click the field and select Active with Custom Settingsstatus image
  4. This will now give you the ability to choose the backup schedule and how many backups to keep for that site.
    • Schedule: Schedule on what day the site should backup. You can select a day of the week to repeat weekly or every day.schedule image
    • Backups to Keep: This category establishes how many backups should be kept. Once the limit is reached, the oldest backup will be deleted to make room for the new backup. The maximum backups that can be kept are 5.backups to keep image
  5. Click Update Backup Settings when finished to save changes.

For information about setting up default WordPress backups settings, see our article, How to Change Default Settings for Automatic WordPress Backups.

Updated on September 14, 2021

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