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Why does Pair use Ubuntu?

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a server operating system produced by Canonical.  Since its release in 2004, it has become a popular software choice because of its reliability and high-quality support. It can be used for personal computers, cloud computing, and servers. Ubuntu is one of the operating systems we offer on our hosting packages.

Why Do We Use It?

We want our servers to perform at its best, which is why we chose Ubuntu to be one of our server operating system options. See some of our reasons for this decision below:

Low Resource Usage

Ubuntu doesn’t take up a lot of server resources to run, leaving more resources for your hosting needs.


Ubuntu has been around for years. It’s sturdy performance and continuous growth make it a great option for hosting servers.

Continuous Support

Ubuntu’s creator, Canonical, has pledged to support Ubuntu releases for five years after its initial release. This means that their security team will actively update the system to protect against vulnerabilities.

Updated on December 2, 2021

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