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Does Pair include Email with WP Optimized Packages?

Custom email is not included with our WP Enthusiast, WP Professional 1 & 2 packages. By not including email, we are able to keep prices for a WordPress optimized hosting package low, and therefore more accessible to customers.

However, our largest WP package, WP Professional Plus, does come with 5000 mailboxes.

If you don’t have a WP Professional Plus account, you can add custom email to your WP Optimized account as an add on. There are two different custom email offerings you can add to your account:

Email Offering Mailboxes Included Price
Basic 500 Mailboxes $4.95/month
Expanded 5000 Mailboxes $19.95/month

Add ons are billed monthly, but can be canceled at any time. If you include an email add on, an email interface will be added to your WP hosting account and you will be able to create custom mailboxes and recipes.

Updated on February 19, 2020

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