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Why does Pair use Nginx for WordPress?

Nginx is a web server known for its speed and reliability. While WordPress is a great, user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), it requires a robust web server to run smoothly. If a server is overburdened by a WordPress installation, it can result in slow site load times. Since we wanted our servers to be WordPress optimized, we ensured that WordPress size wouldn’t be an issue. That’s why we use Nginx.

What Makes Nginx so Fast?

Nginx was designed for high-traffic situations. Not only can it manage lots of traffic, but it can also handle the demands of the WordPress CMS without performance loss. Plus, we use built-in caching, which gives your server an extra speed boost. 

Connection Management

When someone attempts to open a website, a connection must be set up between the visitor’s browser and the server. One of Nginx’s strongest features is handling multiple connections simultaneously. In times of high traffic, you need multiple connections to be made, or else your site speed will throttle. Visitors will have to wait for their connection to be made before the site will display. In a digital age where patience is fleeting, the slower the site, the more likely the visitor will click away.

Nginx helps prevent that by processing multiple connections at once. Instead of visitors waiting in line, their connections are dealt with on a rolling basis as the requests come in. This feature can drastically speed up connections and keep the server moving swiftly during site congestion.

Proxying Out

Nginx also proxies out some more intensive processes, like PHP. Proxying out processes is like hiring a contractor to do some of the work. Other systems will take care of the heavier backend work, while Nginx can give its full attention to the processes it doesn’t proxy out.  This gives Nginx the power it needs to handle a heavy WordPress installation without drastically affecting the speed.

So Why Do We Use Nginx for WordPress?

We use Nginx for WordPress hosting because of its speed and ability to handle WordPress installations, even with complex themes and plugins. Our servers are designed to give WordPress what it needs to run quickly and smoothly. By choosing a speedy and reliable web server, we can offer you an optimized WordPress host that you can depend on.

Updated on September 21, 2022

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