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Does Pair use cPanel?

We do not use cPanel. Instead, we have an account management interface we designed in-house. This management interface is called the Account Control Center (ACC).

Perks of using the ACC:

  • The ACC runs on a central server so you don’t have to worry about the interface taking up some of your server’s resources. Instead, your server resources are completely devoted to your operations.
  • Because the ACC is on a separate server, any security exploits can’t be used to break into your hosting account.
  • Updates are made automatically, which means you get the latest features without lifting a finger.
  • Each package has a customized ACC. For example, WP Optimized Hosting packages have an interface that makes it easy to create WordPress sites and access WordPress features.
Account Control Center image
The shared package ACC

The ACC may vary between packages. For information on exact package features, see the package’s page:

Updated on March 15, 2022

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