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FAQ – Fully Managed Hosting for WordPress

We've designed fully managed hosting for WordPress with ease and efficiency in mind. You can find our package details on our fully managed WordPress hosting solutions on our product page.

Below are some frequently asked questions to help you better understand our product:

Does Pair Networks use a caching tool for faster load times?
Yes! Our WordPress packages run on NGINX and have a built-in caching.
Does Pair Networks have WordPress experts on staff to troubleshoot issues?
Yes, we do have WordPress experts on staff.  Read more about our WordPress support here.
Does Pair Networks have the cPanel dashboard?
No, we do not use cPanel. We built our own account management dashboard. We call it the Account Control Center, or just ACC for short. See more about why we built our own here in our Does Pair use cPanel? article.
Can I see what your account management dashboard looks like?
Sure! Click the image for a bigger picture.

ACC interface image
Does Pair Networks have any sort of staging/live site build on your servers?
Yes! We have a staging area so you can easily design your sites without affecting your live ones. When finished, just launch it to change your live site. See more details here in FAQ - WordPress Staging.
Does Pair Networks handle regular plugin/theme updating? Who takes care of troubleshooting and repairing if an update causes an issue on one of our sites?
While we will apply core updates to your WordPress installation, Pair Networks is not responsible for updating your plugins/themes or troubleshooting issues that arise from them.
Does Pair Networks offer site migration?
Yes! We have a highly skilled Moves team that handles all migrations, site moves, etc.
How are existing sites migrated? Manually through FTP or through a plugin?
Our Move team takes care of moving all site files, databases, etc. from your previous account over to your new Pair Networks account. This is usually completed via FTP.
Does Pair Networks migrate mailboxes too?
We do not offer migration for mailboxes or mail content at this time.
What times can I schedule a migration?
We have a small dedicated team available for migration Monday through Saturday from 10 AM to 6 PM.

How does migration work? What do I have to do and what will Pair Networks take care of?
Once we have scheduled a migration, we require the following information:
- Agreement to the Terms of Service for the Move
- Log in credentials for the previous hosting account

When we've received this information, we begin the migration process.
1. We make a copy of the data on your site and move it to the new hosting account.
2. We send you a link to the copy of your site on the new server.
3. You confirm if everything is working correctly.
4. You change the name servers to point to Pair Networks.

This may take time because DNS propagation can be slow. However, as long as you have not closed your previous account, your site will still be live.

Once the DNS is updated, your site will switch to using the new Pair Networks hosting account.
How much downtime should I expect during the site migration?
There should be minimal to no downtime during the migration process. As long as you can leave your previous account up and running until the migration is complete, there should be no downtime.
If support is needed, will I be calling into a main catch-all number, working with a representative, or have a contact in the support team?
Because we offer 24/7 customer support, there is not one person to speak with, but many skilled technicians. Our support team is small, you may frequently speak with the same people, especially if you tend to need help in a certain area that requires one of our specialists.

However, we opt for a main catch-all number because we don't want you to be left without a solution if your contact is out of the office for a few days.
Does Pair Networks offer WordPress-specific hosting plans for non-profits?
We love non-profits! If you're interested in hosting a non-profit with use, please contact our sales team. They'll be able to tell you more about how we can help you.
Updated on January 19, 2023

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