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Learn about Pair Networks WordPress staging feature on Managed WordPress and Podcast Websites accounts.

What is WordPress staging?
WordPress staging is a site that is separate from your live site and hidden from the public eye. You can test changes on the staging site without fear of breaking your current site or users witnessing the changes as they browse. When ready, you can publish the staging site’s changes directly to your live site.
Can I get a WordPress staging site on a package that is not Managed WordPress Hosting or Podcast Websites?
No. At this time, WordPress staging is only offered on our Managed WordPress and Podcast Websites packages.
If I don’t like the changes I made to the staging site, can I delete it and start over?
Yes, you can deactivate the staging site and start anew. See our article, How to Deactivate Your Staging Site, for more information.
Do staging sites count toward my account’s site limit?
No, staging sites are not included in your account’s site limit.
Do staging sites count toward my account’s disk space?
Yes, staging sites count toward the site’s disk usage.
Can I revert back to my previous live site after I’ve overwritten it with a staging site?
For a brief time after the staging site is copied over to the live site, there is an Undo Site Publish button in the staging interface navbar. Click this to revert to your previous live site.
Is there a limit to how many staging sites I can have?
You are allowed one staging site per domain. However, you can enable, deactivate, and publish the staging sites as often as you need.
Does my staging site automatically publish before I deactivate it?
No, your staging site will not automatically publish before deactivation. If you want to publish before deactivation, see our article, How to Move Changes from Staging Site to Live Site.
What happens if I deactivate my staging site by accident?
Regretfully, all data is permanently deleted from a staging site upon deactivation. You can always create a new staging site, but the data lost from the previous staging site when deactivated cannot be retrieved.
Updated on January 19, 2023

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