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What security features does Pair’s WP Hosting have?

To give you the best WordPress experience, we’ve included security features with WP Optimized hosting packages.


WordFence, a popular WordPress security plugin, comes pre-installed with each WordPress site installation. This way, you’ll be protected as soon as the site is created.

WordFence protects your site with its web application firewall and will block brute force attacks on your site. It will also scan your site periodically (or at your request) to make sure everything is secured.

Easy SSL Certificates

SSL certificates encrypt information sent between your site and the people visiting it. Without an SSL certificate, a hacker could potentially spy on-site interactions and steal personal information, like passwords.

We know SSL certificates are important, so we’ve automated adding SSL certificates to your domains. Now you add them to your domains with only a few clicks. Our SSL certificate options also include Let’s Encrypt, a free certificate that we will renew automatically for you.

To learn more about Let’s Encrypt or our other SSL options, check out our main website’s SSL section and the SSL knowledge base category.

Automatic WordPress Core Updates

This may not seem like a security feature, but it does help keep your site secure. Sites running on outdated software are vulnerable to hacking and other types of cyber attacks. However, with automatic updates, you can rest easy knowing your site will always be at its strongest.

Automated Backups

When automatic backups are configured, they will keep a timeline of past site versions.  In the case of an emergency - you accidentally broke something in your site, a hacker broke in and defaced your site, etc. - you can use a past backup to roll your site back. If you don’t have a backup, you could have to fix your site or completely start over.

Updated on February 19, 2020

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