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Setting Up an Out-of-Office/Vacation Message




WP Professional Plus

WP Enthusiast and WP Professional hosting accounts can use this tutorial if the Email Add On has been enabled.

Follow the steps below to set-up an automated response for when you are out of the office or on vacation.

Setting Up an Out-of-Office/Vacation Message  

  1. Log into the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click E-Mail in the left navigation bar
  3. Click New Recipe 
  4. Choose whether you want an auto-response message for A single e-mail address or All e-mail addresses for this domain name
    If you select a single e-mail address,

    If you select A single e-mail address, input the beginning of the email address and then select its domain from the corresponding drop down

    If you select all e-mail addresses for this domain

    If you select All e-mail addresses for this domain, select the domain name from the corresponding drop-down menu

    This will cause ALL emails addresses within this domain to send auto-response messages.

  5. Under the Recipe Type section, select Autoresponder
  6. Click Proceed
  7. On the next page, confirm you have selected the correct Recipient E-mail Address and Recipe Type
  8. Fill in the following fields:

    This will be displayed as the sender of the auto-response email.

    From E-Mail Address

    This will be displayed as the sending email address. Replies to the auto-response email will be delivered to this address.


    This will be displayed as the Subject header of the auto-response email.

    Autoresponder Message

    This will be the body of the auto-response emails.

    You may want to include the dates of your absence in the auto-response message.

    Limit Autoresponse Frequency

    Use this option to limit how often each sender may receive your auto-response message. This MUST be checked if you want to use the Only Respond Every feature.

    Only Respond Every

    Here you can input how often the auto-response will be sent out.
    For example, if the auto-response is set only to respond every 1 day and johndoe@example.com sends you three emails in one day, he will only receive one auto-response message from you.

    You may want to limit frequency in case someone sends you multiple emails in a day.

  9. Check the Date Range box
  10. Click the empty field next to Start DateUse the calendar drop down to schedule a start date for the auto-response to go into effect
  11. Click the empty field next to End Date
    Use the calendar drop down to schedule an end date for auto-response to stop

    If you don’t set an end date, the auto-response will be in effect until you delete the recipe.

  12. When you are finished filling in the fields, click Create Autoresponder to create your auto-response message.

    Note: Responses will begin at 12 AM on the selected date.

Congratulations! Your out-of-office/vacation message auto-response is now set-up. It will take effect at 12 AM of the start date you selected.

Updated on February 5, 2019

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