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Setting Up an Out-of-Office/Vacation Message




WP Professional Plus

WP Enthusiast and WP Professional hosting accounts can use this tutorial if the Email Add On has been enabled.

Follow the steps below to set-up an automated response for when you are out of the office or on vacation.

Setting Up an Out-of-Office/Vacation Message with a Pair Mailbox 

  1. Log into your web hosting account at my.pair.com

    Note that you must log in to your hosting account for this tutorial, not your email account.For information about setting up an out-of-office response from your email account, see your email client's documentation. 
  2. In the left sidebar, click E-Mail
  3. In the drop-down, click New Recipe button image
  4. Choose whether you want an auto-response message for A single e-mail address or All e-mail addresses for this domain name
If you select a single e-mail address,

If you select A single e-mail address, input the beginning of the email address and then select its domain from the corresponding drop down

If you select all e-mail addresses for this domain

If you select All e-mail addresses for this domain, select the domain name from the corresponding drop-down menu

This will cause ALL emails addresses within this domain to send auto-response messages.

choose single or all image
  • Under the Recipe Type section, select Autoresponderautoresponder image
  • Click the Proceed button
  • On the next page, confirm you have selected the correct Recipient E-mail Address and Recipe Type
  • Fill in the following fields:

    This will be displayed as the sender of the auto-response email.

    From E-Mail Address

    This will be displayed as the sending email address. Replies to the auto-response email will be delivered to this address.


    This will be displayed as the Subject header of the auto-response email.

    Autoresponder Message

    This will be the body of the auto-response emails.

    You may want to include the dates of your absence in the auto-response message.

  • Limit Autoresponse Frequency

    Use this option to limit how often each sender may receive your auto-response message. This MUST be checked if you want to use the Only Respond Every feature.

    Only Respond Every

    Here you can input how often the auto-response will be sent out.
    For example, if the auto-response is set only to respond every 1 day and johndoe@example.com sends you three emails in one day, he will only receive one auto-response message from you.

    You may want to limit frequency in case someone sends you multiple emails in a day.

  • Check the Date Range boxdate range image
  • Click the empty field next to Start Date. Use the calendar drop down to schedule a start date for the auto-response to go into effectset date image
  • Click the empty field next to End Date
    Use the calendar drop down to schedule an end date for auto-response to stop
  • If you don’t set an end date, the auto-response will be in effect until you delete the recipe.

  • When you are finished filling in the fields, click Create Autoresponder to create your auto-response message.
  • Note: Responses will begin at 12 AM on the selected date.

    Congratulations! Your out-of-office/vacation message auto-response is now set-up. It will take effect at 12 AM of the start date you selected.

    If you do not select an end date for your auto-response, the auto-response will continue until you remove it. See Deleting a Email Recipe

    Updated on November 27, 2023

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