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phpBB Installation with pairSIM

pairSIM is a software installation manager that makes downloading and managing popular software easy. You can use pairSIM to install phpBB, a web forum bulletin board software. Use phpBB to create bulletin boards pages and forums for your website. For more information, check out the phpBB features page.

Follow these simple steps to install phpBB using pairSIM.

phpBB Installation with pairSIM  

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. In the left sidebar, click pairSIM and click Software Installation Manager in the drop-down
  3. If you have not yet enabled pairSIM, do so now by clicking Enable Software Installation Managerenable button image
  4. Under Software Available for Installation, click the phpBB linkphpBB link image
  5. Enter the required information:phpBB installation page image
    • Version: Select the version of phpBB that you prefer.
    • URL: Select the domain name from the drop-down and enter the desired extension in the box.
    • Database: A database will be created for your phpBB installation. If you want to name your database, click Advanced Options and then enter the name in the open box.
    • Admin E-Mail: Enter the email that will be used for admin purposes. Information regarding this installation, such as your phpBB credentials, may be sent to this address.
  6. When finished, click Install phpBB

If installed successfully, a page will appear telling you that your phpBB installation was successful and show some information about your installation.

phpBB installation success image

When finished, click Return to Software Installation Management.

This will return you to the Software Installation Manager interface, which will now show your currently installed software. phpBB should now be shown in the Currently Installed Software section.currently installed software image

After Installation

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Updated on July 6, 2018

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