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How to Move a Weebly Site to a New Domain


If you want to keep your Weebly site, but want to change the domain the site is on, you can do so by moving the site to another domain.

Moving a Weebly Site to a New Domain  

Follow these instructions to move your Weebly site to a new domain.

Please note that the domain must already be on your account to move a Weebly site to it. For information about adding a domain to your account, see our article How to Add a Domain to Your Hosting Account.

  1. Log in to the Account Control Center (ACC)
  2. Click Add Ons in the left sidebar, then click Weebly Site Builder in the drop-downweebly site builder image
  3. Current Weebly sites will be listed under Weebly Domains. Click the current domain name of the site you want to movedomain name image
  4. In the Move Weebly Site section, click the Move Weebly Site buttonmove weebly site button image
  5. Next to Move Weebly Site to: use the drop-down to select the domain you want the site to be transferred tomove site image
  6. Click Move Site

The site will be moved to the new domain. It may take some time before the site is ready to be viewed since the name servers must first be propagated.

Updated on February 4, 2019

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