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Test your Weebly site before publishing it to your live site.

Site staging allows you to make changes to your site without affecting your live site. It's a great option if you are redesigning or adding a new site feature. With staging, you can test the live version of the site without exposing your site visitors to an incomplete site version. 

You can set up a staging site for Weebly on any Pair server that offers Weebly. To do so, follow these steps: 

Step 1: Create a pairsite subdomain

The first step is to set up a pairsite subdomain. The pairsite subdomain is a temporary domain on which we'll install and edit your Weebly site. Once you are finished making site changes, you will move your site to your main domain.

Go to this article for specific instructions on how to create a pairsite subdomain: How to Set Up Subdomains

Step 2: Install Weebly on the new pairsite subdomain

Adding a new Weebly installation on the pairsite subdomain creates a clean slate for you to make changes. 

See this article for specific instructions on how to install a Weebly: Adding a Weebly Site

Be sure to install Weebly on your pairsite subdomain. We will move the Weebly installation to your main domain at a later time. 

Step 3: Use the Weebly Site Builder to make your changes on the subdomain

It's time to make your changes! Whether you're redesigning your site, adding a new feature, or just experimenting, you can alter your website freely on this subdomain.

See this article for instructions to log in to your Weebly Editor: Accessing the Weebly Editor

And don't worry -- As long as you installed Weebly on the pairsite, none of these changes will show up on your live site. 

To see your progress, you can publish your pairsite Weebly site, then visit the pairsite subdomain address from your browser. 

If you have an existing site you want to make changes to, you will need to recreate the site on your pairsite Weebly installation. At this time, Weebly does not have the ability to transfer site files between domains without permanently moving the website.

See our Weebly knowledge base category for helpful tutorials on how to use the Weebly Site Builder. 

Step 4: Move your Weebly site to your live domain

This step moves your staging site to replace your live site. 

See this article for instructions for switching your Weebly site to a new site: Moving Your Weebly Site

Keep in mind, if you already have a Weebly installation at your live site's URL, completing this step will swap the Weebly installations. This means, the site that previously existed on your live URL will be moved to the pairsite domain.

Updated on December 8, 2021

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