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Troubleshooting: Email Problems




WP Professional Plus

WP Enthusiast and WP Professional hosting accounts can use this tutorial if the Email Add On has been enabled.

I can't retrieve my emails.

Depending on the error message, this could be due to several factors. Unfortunately, the error messages given by some mail software do not provide useful information for diagnosing the problem.

Your settings for a mailbox should be:

Username: your username is "[email protected]" where "username" is the username you assigned to the mailbox

Incoming Mail Server: If your Web hosting account was created prior to June 1, 2011, your incoming mail server is mailX.pair.com, where "X" is your server number. If your Web hosting account was created on or after June 1, 2011 your incoming mail server is username.mail.pairserver.com, where "username" is your Pair Networks username

Password: the one specified when the mailbox was created through the Account Control Center. Please keep in mind that UNIX is case-sensitive.

If you need additional assistance accessing your email, please contact [email protected] from an email address you currently have access to. Don't contact us from an email address that you do not have access to because you won't receive our reply. If you contact us from a mailbox not listed on your billing account as a contact address, we will require further verification of your identity before modifying your account configuration or changing your mailbox password.

Please contact support for assistance in this case.

I can't send out emails.

Your outgoing mail server (SMTP server) for any mailbox setup through the ACC should be username.mail.pairserver.com, where username is your Pair Networks username. Click here for details on SMTP service at Pair Networks.

When mail is sent to my domain name, it bounces back.

This could occur if your domain name has not been transferred or registered yet. Please see our FAQ on Site Problems for help with this.

If your domain name has been registered or transferred to Pair Networks, and this occurs, please send a copy of one of the bounce mails to [email protected] (with full headers). We will be happy to investigate for you.

Updated on February 27, 2020

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