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After your new account has been created on our servers, you will receive from us an email containing all of the information that you will need to get started.

Username and Password

Your Username and Password allow you to access your account to update your website, check your email, and manage your site through the Account Control Center.

The first thing you should do after receiving the Welcome Message is to change the password we have assigned to you. Be sure to choose a secure, difficult-to-guess password. You must never share your password with any third party!

Web Server Information

Your Welcome Message includes all of the configuration information needed to upload and update your website, send and receive email, as well as the IP Address of your first Dedicated IP domain name.

More detailed information about accessing and using your new account can be found in the following articles.

Accessing and Configuring Your Email

You'll receive the configuration information necessary to send and receive your email using your favorite email software.

Email forwarding, Autoresponders, email filters, and additional mailboxes can be configured through Account Control Center.

Account Control Center

Maintain every aspect of your Web hosting account any time, day or night. The Account Control Center (ACC) has all of the functions featured here:

  • File Management: View directories, manage files, set file permissions, set access controls, edit MIME types, and create custom error pages.
  • Domain Name Hosting Management: View domain name configurations, register new domain names, update configurations, and create custom DNS records.
  • Email Management: Configure mailboxes, set up forwarding, create autoresponders, and maintain mail filtering.
  • Website Statistics: View website statistics and analyze raw access logs.
  • Customer Service and Support: Open a customer support ticket, check the status of a pending ticket, or view extensive online support resources.
  • Database Management: Add, delete, and manage your MySQL Databases
  • Billing: View your current invoice, retrieve historical billing information, update your method of payment, modify your payment term, or make a payment on your account.
  • Referral Program: Sign up and manage your referral program, which can earn you up ot $80 per referral
  • Advanced Features: Set up custom CGI, set up and manage additional FTP logins, set up and manage cron jobs, and create archives of your files.
  • Account Administration: Update technical contact information, request add-ons, change your password, upgrade or downgrade your account, and create My Pair Account access restrictions.

Support Resources

One of the greatest advantages of hosting your website with Pair Networks is our extensive, searchable, online Support Knowledge Base. The majority of questions you might have about setting up or updating your account can be found in our Support Knowledge Base.

We also have first-rate support technicians available to provide you with assistance by phone, email, or fax, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Account Configuration Details and Billing Information

Complete details about the services that you have signed up for, as well as an itemized breakdown of the fees paid, are included in your Welcome Message. The details of your account are also listed in the Billing section of the Account Control Center.

Updated on February 27, 2020

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