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Video: Building a Website with Weebly – Part One


Learn how to use Weebly's drag-and-drop website, utilizing your Pair account, and the Weebly builder.


Today we're going to talk about how to put together your easy, drag-and-drop website, utilizing your Pair hosting account, as well as our awesome Weebly builder.

So once you're inside of your Account Control Center, you will click here, under Add-on. Then, you'll click Weebly Site Builder. Once the Weebly Site Builder page comes up, you'll have a list of options. Once we get into the options, you'll see the domain name as probably about the middle of the screen.

You're going to click on the website domain that you're utilizing for your Weebly website and we'll go from there. We're going to go into our tutorials.pairsite.com and we're going to build a Weebly website. Once you have that open, you click on Edit Weebly Website and we're ready to go.

So once we're here, the first thing we want to do inside of Weebly is choose a theme. Now, Weebly has several templates that have already been proven as effective inside with the different categories. You have your featured. You have your online store. If you're starting a business, these all have wonderful results, as far as being able to meet the needs of your customers. There's also portfolios if you are creative. Maybe, say you're a graphic artist, a website designer, if you're starting a personal blog, or if you are an event-based company.

Or you host a lot of events - you're an event planner - we also have straight-up blog platforms, which are great if you are starting to share your content with the world. Or you already have an established outside static website that you're utilizing and you want to add a special blog, say, maybe just for members or people who have subscribed to your newsletter, exclusive special content, things like that.

So we're going to select an online store and we're going to go with the Madison Collection: Kiko & Miles theme. So you click Choose. Once you choose your theme, it will populate inside of the Weebly dashboard and it's letting us know that there's a test site. Of course, your’s won't say that, but it's here because of the sake of the video.

So, once you have selected your theme, you'll come up all of the information: Build, Pages, Theme, Store, Settings. Most of our Weebly sites are mobile responsive, so it's actually not going to need to select a mobile view because anything that you do will automatically shift based on the size of the screen of the person who's visiting your site, which is an amazing option in today's online world.

So we've already covered logging into your site, your Weebly editor, and choosing a theme. Now we're going to talk about setting up your pages. Every page that you have is going to be important and we want to make sure that you have everything set up in a way that will be user friendly - also known as UX and absolutely pertinent to your customers or your clients or your cause, friends, and supporters, if you're a non-profit, finding what they need.

So we're doing this for a business. So we have home. We have shop room ideas updates in contact. Let's say that our business is not interior design, let's say we're starting a food truck and we want to do menu. It's as simple as clicking inside of pages, clicking inside of the name of the page you want to change, typing in a new name and wallah! You have a new page name.

You can also change the information here. This information is your company name or your website name. If you want to use a logo, you simply click on Upload a Photo from your Computer and it will bring up all of the options for things that you can utilize as your logo and you can insert it there into the bar. The little section here this is called a text bar and if you don't want to do anything special you just want to leave it as text. We can change it and we can be the Pair food-truck.

So now we have our Pair food-truck site name. This will show up on every page and we also have all of the pages that we're going to select and change later.

And that is how you start with setting up your Pair hosted Weebly website! On the next one, we'll be discussing how you can change who can see what, when they come to your site, inside of the pages, and the settings. Thanks for coming by! We'll see you on the next tutorial.

Updated on February 26, 2020

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