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Using zlib for Page Compression

What is zlib?

zlib is a lossless data-compression library built into PHP. 

Page compression is commonly used to achieve faster page load times and reduce bandwidth usage. Compressed pages use less data, thus reducing how much time it takes for a visitor to load a page. Likewise, if less data is being transferred to the visitor, your server does not need to use as much bandwidth. 

Plus, since zlib is lossless, compression should not affect your site visually. 

Please note that while these results often occur with zlib usage, they are not guaranteed.

Who should use zlib? 

zlib is a great option for compressing WordPress sites. Both WordPress and zlib are based in PHP, so they work well together. You can use zlib on any PairSIM WordPress installation or on any of our managed WordPress packages. 

Not using WordPress? Check out mod_deflate compression instead. 

Compress WordPress with zlib

To use zlib, you need to first access your site’s .user.ini file. See these articles for more information about your .user.ini: 

To implement zlib compression, add the following line to your site’s .user.ini file:

zlib.output_compression = On;

Be sure to save the file when finished. Once saved, zlib should begin working on your site.

Updated on February 3, 2023

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