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This article answers commonly asked questions about Pair Networks invoices.

How do I find my Invoices in the ACC?
To find your invoices in the Account Control Center, follow these instructions:

1. Log in to the Account Control Center
2. Click Billing in the left sidebar
3. Click View Invoices in the drop-down

Your past invoices will be displayed here.
When will I receive invoices for my account(s)?
All billing statements are generated at the same time, before the tenth of each calendar month. The statement includes charges for the current billing period, new accounts or services added since the previous statement, and also any recent over-usage charges for disk space, data transfer, or mailboxes.
To where are invoices sent?
Statements are sent by e-mail to the e-mail address(es) listed for your Billing Account Number. Merged bills (for resellers) are sent only once - not to the individual accounts listed on the bill. Please be careful to always use your Reseller ID when signing up, if you require merged billing.
Can I receive a postal copy of my invoices?
Postal invoices are exactly identical to the e-mail invoices. However, we do offer postal copies as an option, for an additional fee. Invoices are mailed out within three business days after they are generated. The charge for each invoice sent by postal mail is $4; this charge appears on the invoice itself.
How can I change where my invoices are sent?
The contact information and invoice delivery method can be changed through the Account Control Center. Once you are logged in, select the "Billing" option from the menu.
Can I have invoices sent to more than two e-mail addresses?
There is space in the Account Control Center to provide two separate email addresses. We recommend that your secondary contact use a non-Pair Networks email address.

If you need to send to more e-mail addresses, you can use a FORWARD recipe on one of your billing addresses and can forward mail to additional e-mail addresses.

Example: [email protected], [email protected]
I don't understand some of the items on my invoice. Can you explain this to me?
Please feel free to contact our Billing Department via phone 24/7/365. United States and Canadian customers can call: 1-412-381-7247 (option 3).

You can also e-mail at [email protected] or fax us at 412-381-9997. We
will be happy to explain any portion of the invoice you do not understand.
I received my bill, but it shows a $0 balance and a credit card charge? Has my credit card already been charged? When?
If your account is set up for automatic credit card payment and the charges are successful, the statements you receive will always show "No Payment Due." The balances are charged immediately before the statements are generated and sent.
I have a credit card on file, but my invoice shows that there was a problem and my card could not be charged. What do I need to do to resolve this?
If you believe the charge should have processed correctly, please log in to the Account Control Center billing interface. Use the "Make a Payment" option to attempt the charge again. If the charge continues to fail, please contact your bank for further details. For privacy reasons, your bank does not provide us with detailed reasons for charge failures.

You may also choose to send payment by another means, or submit a different credit card.
I have several accounts. Can I receive a single invoice for all of them?
Billing Account Numbers are invoiced separately. If you have several Billing Account Numbers that you would like merged to one billing account, please contact us at [email protected] or give us a call.
Updated on April 8, 2024

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