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FAQ – Payments

This article answers commonly asked questions about Pair Networks payments.

What payment methods are accepted?
We accept PayPal payments, Discover, Mastercard, Visa or American Express.
How do I pay by credit card?
Credit card payments for existing accounts can be made online through the secure Billing interface within the Account Control Center. This secure interface is protected by SSL. Simply go to Update Credit Card and input your credit card information. This credit card will be used for future payments.
How do I use PayPal to pay?
Paypal can be used by US and Canadian customers only through the Account Control Center (ACC). If you click Make a Payment in your ACC, you can select PayPal as the payment method.

We also allow international customers to use paypal@pairnetworks.com to send payment, but we ask that they include the BAN with the payment and let us know when it has been sent so that we know to expect it.
When is my credit card charged?
Credit cards are charged just before statements are sent out. The results of the charge are included directly in the statement.
What should I do if my credit card was charged the wrong amount?
We are happy to post refunds and adjustments to cards that we have processed. It works best for everyone involved if you contact us and allow us to make the adjustment, before disputing the charges with your bank. Disputing the charges typically takes two to six weeks and creates confusion, whereas a posted refund is immediate. The cost to us is the same in either case.
Please note also that upon receiving a chargeback notice, we reserve the right to suspend services while we investigate the cause, as chargebacks often arise from fraudulent credit card usage, which is a very serious matter.
What should I do if my credit card is lost or stolen?
Report it to your bank, of course, but also let us know by removing or changing the card information via the Account Control Center.
How can I update credit card information that is on file?
New credit card information can be submitted through the Account Control Center billing interface. Under the Billing section, select Update Credit Card and input your new credit card information into the interface. Your new credit card information will be added on file.
How can I pay by credit card one time only, rather than keeping my card on file to be charged automatically?
One-time credit card payments can be made online through the Account Control Center billing interface. In the Billing section of the left sidebar, go to Make a Payment. You may use this interface for a one-time credit card payment by selecting Pay with the credit card specified below and inputting your credit card information. The credit card information will not be saved or used for future payments.
What happens if I am unable to pay my bill by the due date?
Past due accounts may have their services suspended at any time, without notice. The further past due you are, the more likely that this will happen.

You are responsible for ensuring that we have a current and working e-mail address for you, to which your bills and other notices are sent! Note that for most customers, statements will automatically go to the main mailbox of your account here. You should either have that mail forwarded to another account or read it regularly. If you have trouble reading your mailbox, please consult our Where do I go to Check My Emails in My Browser article.

To update your invoice delivery method or e-mail addresses, use the Account Control Center billing interface.
Updated on August 4, 2023

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