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FAQ – Account Billing

This article answers commonly asked questions about Pair Networks account billing.

It took three months to transfer my domain name. Can my bill be adjusted?
Problems with registrars are usually beyond our control. As long as our servers are configured for the domain name, it is accessible for testing and development with the IP address we assigned.

If you are having trouble with your registrar, please contact our Support Department for assistance.
Can I receive discounts for hosting multiple accounts under a single Billing Account Number?
Yes, discounts begin with the third account. Contact our sales team for more details. There is effectively no limit to how many accounts can be billed through a single Billing Account Number. More advanced reseller programs are available for resellers with large numbers of accounts.
My bill was past due and my account was locked. How can I have it reactivated?
Submit payment for the past due balance as soon as possible. Credit card payments for locked accounts can be submitted through our Secure Submission Form.

Accounts locked for 30 days will be canceled for non-payment, and the files will be deleted from our servers. When this occurs, you are still responsible for the final balance due. Once it is paid, you may choose to Sign up for a new account if you wish to resume service.
What can I do with the online billing interface?
The billing interface of the Account Control Center includes all of the following features:
• Make payments online
• View your account balance
• View and change your contact information
• View and change your invoice delivery method
• View and change your payment method
• Submit credit card information for your account
The billing interface doesn't show up in the Account Control Center. How can I have it turned on?
Please contact support@pair.com for assistance. If your account was obtained through a reseller, the billing is controlled by the reseller and is not available to you.
I am a reseller. Why don't I have access to the billing interface?
If the billing interface isn't showing up in the Reseller Control Center, please contact support@pair.com for assistance.
How do I cancel domain names and other services?
Domain names and add-on services can be removed from your account through the Account Control Center. The billing records will be updated automatically once the services are removed. Certain services, such as SSL, may not be removable through the Account Control Center; in such cases, please contact the Billing Department (option 3 on the phone) for assistance.
How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your entire account and all services, please contact us. Be sure to include as many identifying details as possible. If you only wish to cancel one or more domain names an account that should remain active, please use the Account Control Center.

Please note that if you simply transfer a domain name elsewhere, we do not normally receive notification of this. Moreover, any notification that we might receive is not considered sufficient indication that a domain name and/or account should be removed from our service. We simply require clear confirmation from the customer indicating exactly which services should be discontinued and when.

Note that discontinued accounts cannot have their files recovered. Please be careful to have your files copied and domain name(s) transferred before requesting cancellation of services.
Updated on February 1, 2023

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