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Billing Cycle

When does each billing cycle end, and when is payment due?

Payment is due by the date indicated on the invoice; in most cases, this is the last day of the calendar month.

I signed up for an account on the 15th of the month. Will I be charged for the whole month?

Initial payments for new accounts are always for whole month amounts (i.e. from the 15th to the 15th of the next month). However, on the next statement, one partial month will be billed, if necessary, to align the renewal date with the first of a calendar month (i.e. from the 15th to the 1st of the next month). In order to do this, you may be billed up to one half of a month more or less than your standard billing term. Once your services are aligned with calendar months, this will no longer be necessary.

Why are you billing me for April at the beginning of March?

Services on your invoice indicate "Thru" dates, meaning you are being billed through the dates shown. Therefore, if you receive an invoice in early March which has "Thru" dates of April 1, you are being charged for service during March, not April.

How do I change the number of months that I am being billed?

Please contact our Billing department to have the terms associated with any service changed. You can contact our Billing department via the phone 24/7/365. United States and Canadian customers can call toll free 1-877-PAIR-NET (877-724-7638 -- option 3) and global customers can call 1-412-381-7247 (option 3).

You can also e-mail at billing@pair.com or fax us at 412-381-9997.

I am a reseller and have several accounts that are billed at different times. I want to pay one bill every three months. How can I normalize the billing cycles for my accounts?

Please Contact Us to arrange for the normalization of your account services.

We can roll forward one or more accounts to a particular calendar month so that even a reseller with dozens of accounts could pay with one check every billing period. If you do request this, please be very specific about which services you want rolled to which dates, so that we don't bill you for anything you aren't prepared for.

Updated on February 6, 2019

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