ACC Roadmap




If you're new to the ACC and don't know where to start, check below to see where to go in the ACC to perform common tasks.


Visit the E-Mail section when you want to:

  • Create mailboxes and email addresses
  • Set up delivery instructions to forward email, respond while you're away, block incoming mail, and more
  • Set up and manage junk and spam filtering
  • View information about the mailboxes on your hosting account


Visit the File section when you want to:

  • Upload, delete, edit files and directories on your server
  • Create and delete symlinks
  • Edit file permissions
  • Back up files and view existing backups


Visit the Domains section when you want to:

  • See domains on your account
  • Add (host), register, or transfer domains
  • Change domain hosting type for your domains
  • Manage advanced settings such as viewing name servers, changing domain mapping, entering custom DNS records, or modifying Web settings such as setting custom error pages or changing .htaccess settings


Visit the PairSIM section when you want to:

  • Add or disable PairSIM service
  • Install software packages
  • Upgrade or update software packages
  • Change administrative settings for installed software


Visit the Databases section when you want to:

  • Create a database
  • Manage administrative details of a database
  • Use phpMyAdmin
  • Optimize a database
  • Delete a database

Add Ons

Visit the Add Ons section when you want to:

  • Add PairCDN service

Manage SSL

Visit the Manage SSL section when you want to:

  • Learn about SSL certificates
  • Add new SSL certificates your domains
  • Add Let’s Encrypt to your domains
  • See which domains have SSL certificates and which do not
  • See when you SSL certificates expire


Visit the Advanced section when you want to:

  • Create and manage cron jobs
  • Manage FTP logins

Site Statistics

Visit the Site Statistics section when you want to:

  • See usage statistics
  • See error reports


Visit the Billing section when you want to:

  • Update contact info
  • Make a payment
  • View invoices
  • Submit an inquiry to our Billing Department


Visit the Support section when you want to:

  • View your pending support requests
  • Subscribe to system notices
  • Add authorized account contacts
  • View our network status
  • Contact our Support Department
Updated on August 4, 2023

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