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Why is My Email Client Not Working?




Server settings are configured incorrectly

What is it?
Server settings tell you details about your server. If the information you inputted into email client does not match the information displayed by the server settings, the email client will not work.
Is it happening to me?
Check your server settings and compare them to the information in your email client. If information differs between the two, this may be the problem. You can check your server settings by logging into the Account Control Center (ACC). The server settings are listed under the Account Summary section.
How to fix
To solve this problem, you need to change the email client's information to match the server settings. You can check and edit most email client's information by going to their "settings."

Wrong Encryption Settings

What is it?
Email encryption keeps your email data from being compromised during transmission. IMAPS and POPS are common email encryptions. Not all encryption options are compatible with all email clients, though. If this is the case, your email client will not be able to function.

For more information, check out our article on Email Encryption.
Is it happening to me?
Check your email client's encryption settings and double check your mailbox information. You need to have the correct outgoing and incoming mail servers, username, and password listed for the encryption to work with your email.

See this article for help finding your email servers.
How to fix
Change any incorrect data and save the corrections.

Wrong password

What is it?
An email password will be the password for that specific mailbox, and will not be the same as your main account password.
Is it happening to me?
If you have been trying to use a password other than a mailbox password (or have changed the mailbox password recently), this may be the reason the email client is not functioning.
How to fix
If you remember the specific mailbox password, you can input that into the email client. If you do not remember the mailbox password, follow the steps below:

Resetting Your Mailbox Password
1. Log into the ACC at my.pair.com
2. Click E-mail in the left sidebar
3. Click E-mail Settings in the drop-down
4. Click Mailboxes Currently Configured
5. Click on your desired mailbox username
6. Under Use Next Two Fields Only If Changing Password, input a new password and then confirm
7. Click Commit Changes

Now input the new password into email client's information.
Updated on July 31, 2023

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