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Video: Software Updates in PairSIM




Learn how to look for software updates for your PairSIM installations:


Hi. Sean here, and we're talking about updating software via the PairSIM.

Typically the most common one that we see used with the PairSIM is WordPress and WordPress puts out updates pretty frequently. So when you go to login to your account in the Account Control Center, the screen will open up and you'll get this pop-up about an upgrade, a PairSIM upgrade, and you know if you’re like me, at times you're too busy to do it right then, you want to do what you're doing, you can just go ahead and close it, and then when you have time you can go back over here to PairSIM, click on Software Installation Manager, and then the screen comes up and you'll see that there's a little red line under the version number of the software package that needs to be updated.

You just click on that link there, you're presented with the option of keeping the backup. What that will do is place a copy of the database and the WordPress files in your home directory. If you don't select that, that's fine. We do our own backup, so that if there is any problems that it automatically rolls back, but this - when you select this option it places them within your account space and then they count against your disk space totals. 

So just click upgrade WordPress and it does its thing in the background. It's creating a dump of the database and then it's creating a backup of all your files, so that's usually the longest part of that.

When there's not a lot of files it happens pretty quickly and it does the upgrade and when it's done you get the thumbs up there that WordPress has been upgraded and you're done.

If you have any other questions check out kb.pair.com or email us at [email protected]. Have a great day.

Updated on February 19, 2020

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