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Understanding the Different Reseller IDs

When you sign up for a reseller account, you are allotted two types of IDs: the reseller account ID and the resold account ID. Reseller account IDs give you the ability to log in to the reseller interface, while the resold account IDs give you access to specific resold hosting accounts.

Reseller Account ID

Access Type: Administrative Privileges

Reseller accounts must be logged in to by using the BAN. For more information about this process, see our article, How to log in to Reseller Accounts.

When logging in using the reseller account ID, you are given access to the reseller account.  Reseller accounts have administrative access to all the resold accounts. From this interface, you can move domains, change resold account passwords, or close accounts. You also have access to the Billing interface, which is not accessible from the resold accounts.

Resold Account ID

Access Type: Account Specific Privileges (with the exception of Billing information)

The resold account ID is the specific username and password you gave the account at setup. Using the resold account ID only requires you to the go to the ACC login page and input the account’s credentials.

You will be taken to an ACC interface, where you can make changes to this account. These changes will only affect the account you are currently logged in to. The other resold accounts can only be changed by the reseller account or from within the specific account.

Billing information cannot be accessed from this interface and can only be seen or managed from the Reseller account.

Updated on April 4, 2018

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