Reseller Roadmap

Manage Accounts

Under the Manage Accounts tab in the left sidebar, you can find options that will help you need to manage your resold accounts.

Manage Hosting Accounts

Visit the Manage Hosting Accounts section to:

  • Access the ACC of your resold accounts
  • Change resold account passwords
  • Move domain from account
  • Close resold accounts

Move a Domain

Visit the Move a Domain section to:

  • Move a domain from one account to another

Add a Hosting Account

Visit the Add a Hosting Account section to:

  • Sign up for another resold hosting account


Under the Support tab in the left sidebar, you can find options that will help you manage your account’s support.

View Support Requests

Visit the View Support Requests section to:

  • Open a new support request
  • View current support requests
  • View past support requests

Send a Support Request

Visit the Send a Support Request section to:

  • Open a new support request

Contact Us

Visit the Contact Us section to:

  • Find out what type support your account is eligible for
  • Find contact information for different Pair Networks teams
  • Find the address you should send checks to for account payment

Customize Your System Notices

Visit the Customize Your System Notices to:

  • Set up system notice preferences
  • Set up RSS feed notifications
  • Set up email notifications
  • View recent system notices
  • View older system notices

Visit Our Support Resources Page

Visit the Visit Our Support Resources Page to:

  • Find a link to our knowledge base
  • Find our contact information

View Network Status

Visit the View Network Status to:

  • See the current status of our networks


Under the Billing tab in the left sidebar, you will find options pertaining to your reseller account billing information.

Billing Summary

Visit the Billing Summary to:

  • View a summary of your billing information
  • Find your Billing Account Number (BAN)

Change Billing Contact Info

Visit Change Billing Contact Info to:

  • Edit your current billing contact information

Update Credit Card

Visit Update Credit Card to:

  • Update your credit card information

Make a Payment

Visit Make a Payment to:

  • View your current balance due on account
  • Make immediate payment

View Invoices

Visit View Invoices to:

  • View past invoices for account payments

Send a Billing Inquiry

Visit Send a Billing Inquiry to:

  • Send a question about your billing to our billing team
Updated on February 26, 2020

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