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What is Let's Encrypt?

Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL certificate authority that can be automatically generated for your in your ACC. Let’s Encrypt certificates last 90 days, then will be automatically renewed by our system.

How does Let's Encrypt work with subdomains?

The Let’s Encrypt generation process works the same as it does for the domains. To see more details about this process, see our article: How to Add Let’s Encrypt to a Domain.

What is the difference between Let's Encrypt and PairSSL certificates?

Let’s Encrypt certificates are free, but need to be renewed every 90 days and do not have a relying party warranty. PairSSL certificates must be purchased, but can last up to 1 year before needing to be renewed. PairSSL also comes with a relying party warranty.

I already have an SSL certificate. Can I replace my current SSL certificate with a Let's Encrypt certificate instead?

Yes, you can replace your current SSL certificate with a Let’s Encrypt certificate. If you enable Let's Encrypt for a domain name that is currently configured to use another type of SSL certificate, the domain name will continue to use its old certificate until the Let's Encrypt certificate is available. It will use your Let's Encrypt certificate as long as Let's Encrypt is still turned on for the domain name. At that time, the domain name will revert to using the previously configured SSL certificate.

How do I know if my hosting account supports SSL?

All of our hosting packages support SSL.

What do I do if Let’s Encrypt fails to renew?

Our Let’s Encrypt process will attempt to generate a certificate for your domain. If the first attempt fails, the process will repeat. After the tenth unsuccessful attempt, the process will come to a halt. If this happens, see our troubleshooting article, Let’s Encrypt Keeps Failing on My Domain.

Can I use Let's Encrypt with Weebly?

Regretfully, at this time Weebly IP hosting is not compatible with Let's Encrypt automatic SSL certificate generation.

Updated on August 10, 2022

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