Adding Let’s Encrypt to your WordPress site follows the same process as adding Let’s Encrypt to your non-WordPress domains. To see how this is done, visit our article, How to Add Let’s Encrypt to Your Domain.

After you have added Let’s Encrypt to your WordPress site, there are two more steps you may need to take:

Updating Your WordPress Database Links

We recommend updating all links in your database to https. This can be accomplished by using a plugin, like Velvet Blues, or via the wp-cli command line tool.

It is important that you do not modify any https links in the guid column. The Velvet Blues plugin automatically marks the guid column as unalterable.

Updating Your WordPress Address URL

This step may be unnecessary if you are using a WP Enthusiast or WP Professional hosting account. However, even on these accounts, you may need to complete this step if you have internal links on your site that are using http instead of https. Double check your internal links if you are unsure whether to proceed.

However, this is a required step if you have just added Let’s Encrypt on a WordPress site that is not on a WP Enthusiast or WP Professional hosting account.

To update your site address, you need to change the WordPress Address URL and Site Address URL in your WordPress editor. To make the change, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your WordPress account
  2. At the bottom of the left sidebar, click Settings
  3. Click GeneralGeneral Settings image
  4. In the boxes next to WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL), add a ‘s’ to ‘http’http to https image

After you have taken these steps, your site will begin to use SSL, thus making the connection between your site and its visitors more secure.