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How to Add and Remove Your Apache Modules



We’ve equipped our VPS and Dedicated accounts with a way to manage popular Apache modules in the Account Control Center (ACC) interface. For an overview of those Apache modules, see our article, Apache Modules for VPS and Dedicated Accounts.

The Apache Options interface will only be displayed on accounts that have a compatible operating system and Apache version. If you cannot find the Apache Options interface, it may be because your server is running on an older OS or Apache version.

Finding the Apache Options Interface

If you want to manage your Apache modules, you can do so from the Apache Options interface. Follow the steps below to locate it:

  1. Log in to the ACC in your VPS or Dedicated account
  2. In the left sidebar, click Dedicated, then click Apache Options in the drop-down

Once in this interface, you can manage your Apache modules. For an overview about the Apache modules available, see our Apache Modules for VPS and Dedicated Accounts article.

Managing Your Server Modules

Once you have reached the Apache Options interface, you can make changes to what modules are enabled and disabled on your server.

Check the box next to modules that you want enabled, and make sure boxes next to modules you want disabled are unchecked. You can find a brief description about the module next to the module.

When finished making changes, click the Make Changes button at the bottom of the list. Your changes will be saved, though it may take up to 15 minutes for changes to go into effect.

Updated on February 4, 2019

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