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Apache Modules for VPS and Dedicated Accounts



You can manage Apache modules from the Account Control Centers (ACC) of your VPS and Dedicated. Apache modules can add extra functionality to your server, from limiting your visitors by country or allowing URL variations.

Apache Modules

If a module is not compatible with your current server set up, it may not be displayed. If a module you want is not displayed, please contact our support team to see if there are any server changes available that could make the server compatible with the module.

Here is a list of all possible Apache modules that can be managed from the Apache Options interface.

mod_ speling

mod_speling enables the server to correct capitalization errors and even some minor misspelled words in things like URLs or file paths. This can aid visitors who misspell or accidentally use the wrong capitalization.

For mod_speling to work, additional set up is required. Code checking the letter case and spelling must be added in the server’s .htaccess. For more information about this process, see our What is mod_speling? article.


Enables the server to log actual IP addresses from visitors on sites routed through proxy CDN services. When enabled, Cloudflare settings will be applied. Please contact support to have custom mod_remoteip settings added to your server.


mod_maxminddb enables a server to identify what country visitors are coming from based on their IP address.

You can use mod_maxminddb to sort IP addresses based on location, but this requires additional set up after the module has been enabled. If you would like to learn more about how to add sorting by country with mod_maxminddb, see our What is mod_maxminddb? article.


mod_passenger enables Phusion Passenger to host Ruby, Python, and Node.js apps on the Apache server. Phusion Passenger specializes in managing these types of apps, protecting the web apps from attacks, restarting them in the case of an app crash, and more. By enabling this feature, you will be able to add Ruby, Python, and Node.js apps onto your server.

Updated on July 29, 2021

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