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How Do I Upgrade My Disk Space?




To learn what Disk Space is, visit our Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage article.

Why Would I Want to Upgrade Disk Space?

Disk space is what stores all your site’s resources (images and files) and Pair Networks email. Having enough disk space is a necessity for a functioning server.

For Shared Hosting accounts, you don’t have to worry about running out disk space. However, if you go over your allotted limit, you will be charged a monthly over-usage fee. If this happens, consider upgrading. It is cheaper to pay for more disk space than it is to pay the steep over-usage fee.

For hosting types -- like VPS and Dedicated -- that cannot overuse their disk space allotment, running low on disk space can result in bottlenecking website speed. This is a result of your server trying to load multiple resources for visitors, but the disk space only having enough processing power to load one at a time.

How Do I Upgrade Disk Space?

If you’ve run out of disk space or are paying the over-usage fee, you should consider upgrading to the next package. This can help website functionality.

Shared Hosting

When you upgrade your hosting package, your disk space also increases. This is the only way to increase disk space for shared hosting accounts. Refer to our Shared Hosting page to see each package’s disk space allotment.

You can upgrade shared hosting packages in the Account Control Center (ACC). See how in our How to Upgrade Your Account Type article.

VPS Hosting

VPS gives you the ability to increase disk space independently of upgrading your package plan. You can upgrade your package or upgrade your disk space specifically in the ACC.

See how in our How to Upgrade Your Account Type article.

Dedicated Hosting

Changing dedicated hosting disk space allotments requires replacing or adding to some of the physical hardware in your server. Because of this, your dedicated hosting package’s disk space can only be upgraded by contacting Pair Networks’ Sales team:

  • sales@pair.com
  • +1 877 724-7638 (US & Canada)
  • +1 412 381-7247 (Global)
Updated on February 26, 2020

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