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Adding Testimonials to the Digest Theme (Podcast Websites Exclusive)

Podcast Websites

Testimonials are a great way to generate interest in your podcast. With Digest, one of our Podcast Websites exclusive themes, testimonials are built right into the homepage of the theme. 

To add testimonials using the Podcast Digest theme, you must first ensure you have the Podcast Digest theme activated on your website. If you are using another theme, the steps below will not work. 

You can activate the Podcast Digest theme by going to your WordPress admin interface, clicking on Themes in the sidebar, then clicking the Activate button on the Podcast Digest theme square. 

Once you know you have the Podcast Digest theme activated, follow these steps to add testimonials. 

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin interface. The admin interface is typically found at https://yoursite.com/wp-admin
  2. In the left sidebar, click Testimonials
  3. Click Add New Testimonial
  4. Fill in the Add Title with a title for the testimonial. This will appear as bolded text on the testimonial. 
  5. Fill in the body text box with the testimonial message
  6. In the right sidebar, click the Set featured image button and upload a testimonial imagetestimonial image

This will add the testimonial to your website. Be sure that you have the Testimonial section enabled on your homepage

testimonial display image
Example of a Testimonial
Updated on August 23, 2023

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