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Free Weekly Account Scans

Free Scanning for Your Whole Account

Full-Featured Malware Scanning for Free

Coverage for All Sites on Your Entire Account

Our free malware scanning tool works out of the box to cover 10,000 total files across all sites on your account.

Automatically Flag Suspicious Files

Easily identify files that were previously found to be suspicious when using the Account Control Center to browse your file system.

Get Help from Real Humans

If suspicious files are found by our automatic scanning tool, you’ll get a notice from us with options for manual review or cleanup from our techs.

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Free SSL Certificates

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates help create a more secure and private browsing experience.

24/7 Server Monitoring

We’re here monitoring our network and servers 24/7 to help stop threats.

WordPress Updates

Managed WordPress Hosting accounts include automatic core WordPress updates, helping to eliminate vulnerabilities.

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