and Security

Account Cleanup from $249

Expert, human, hands-on cleanup of all your domains
and all of your sites on one account.

Attacks can affect multiple sites, but we only charge one fee for your whole account.
We fully review your files, looking for exploits and anomalies that malware scanners miss.
We don’t just hand you a report, we remove suspected malware, injections, and exploits.
A clean, working version of your treated site is kept on a quarantine server for future fallback.
Don’t just learn what files were infected, but how, and why.
Get help keeping your software updated.
Unlike other companies that run their automatic malware scanner and move on, each account we work on gets a manual review by a real person.

Malware cleanup is our expertise.

The pair Networks Security Team uses a combination of methods to review and remove malware from an account, based on years of researching and studying intrusion patterns and code.

Additional charges may occur with large volume accounts and dedicated servers. Additional terms may apply.

Our Customers Love Us

We’ve been perfecting web hosting since 1996. Continuously improving our services,
applications, and customer support means we have a lot of satisfied customers.

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