Malware and Security Services

Human, Hands-On Help

Malware Scanning, Cleanup, and Protection for Your Whole Account

Get Peace of Mind Without Breaking the Bank

Fair Pricing that Covers Your Entire Account

Other providers charge you by the site or by the file. We charge you one price for all sites, files, and domains on an account. It’s only fair.

Guaranteed Results

If you purchase a Fix, and your account is reinfected as a result of our action, we’ll clean it up again and provide a new backup.

Manual Review by Real Humans

No malware system is perfect, which is why we manually review cleanups and check security scans for possible false positives.

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CMS Upgrade
$ 50
Basic Upgrade
  • Custom CMS Upgrade
  • Plugins Upgrade
  • Themes Upgrade
  • WordPress and Drupal


Seek and Destroy Malware Across Entire Account
$ 250
per Account*
  • All Sites on Your Account!
  • Remove All Exploits and Vulnerabilities Found
  • Guaranteed Removal with Free Backup
  • Includes Full Account Malware Scan and Report


Full Account
Malware Audit
$ 125
per Account
  • All Sites on Account
  • Custom Scanning System
  • All Files Included
  • Intrusion Point Detection


Weekly Scanning
Free! with paid hosting account
  • All Sites on Account
  • Suspicious Files Flagged
  • 10,000 Files Included
  • Intrusion Point Detection

We're committed to security and privacy.

Pair works 24/7 to help keep your account, websites, and data safe.

We have an excellent track record of zero-day attack mitigation and prompt attack response with thorough customer communication.

We keep and maintain disaster recovery backups, off-site backups, and for many account types we offer additional customer-configurable backups.

We run server monitoring and network monitoring 24/7 and staff members are onsite at our Pittsburgh datacenter 24/7 in case of a problem. Our datacenter is protected by redundant climate control, an automatic fire suppression system, and private backup diesel generators.


Yes! If we fail to identify a malicious file and your account is reinfected as a result of our action, we provide a new cleanup and clean backup file free of charge. 

We start with a custom-built malware scanning system. Our system is continuously updated with the latest malware definitions to find new vulnerabilities. Because no automatic scanner can be perfect, we always follow our scan with a manual file review. We include intrusion point detection and share details of any identified issues.

As your web host, we can safely and privately access your site and files for the purposes of cleanup so that you don’t have to share your files, credentials, and access to your information with a third-party service. Our security team has decades of combined experience and knows the intricacies of our web hosting platform better than a third-party service.

We’d love to help! But in order to help you, we would need to migrate your site to Pair as part of your cleanup. To determine your eligibility and discuss your situation, please call us at 1-877-724-7638 or contact our “Move to Pair” team by visiting our Move to Pair information page.