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Video: Building a Website with Weebly – Part Two


Learn how to change who can see what, when they come to your site, inside of the pages and settings of your Weebly site.


Hello. Welcome back to building your website with Pair hosting using Weebly.

Last time, we talked about how to set up your pages and how to choose a theme. Sometimes we like something and once we get in there, we don't like it anymore. The wonderful thing about Weebly is you are absolutely welcomed and able to change the options of your theme. You can change the colors or you can change the theme itself.

Let's say you went with the one we chose last time. That was really nice Kiko & Miles, but you decide you want a different look. You want a different vibe you can always go back in, choose another one. You can preview it, if you like. If you already know that you like it, you can just click to Themes, and it will change everything that you'd already done over into the new theme. Just something for you to know as an option.

Each different theme has something special that makes it user-friendly, that makes it easy to customize, and that is one of the wonderful things about utilizing Weebly. So we've gone now with the new theme and there are different colors. You can select and choose to check and see if the new theme works with what you're trying to do. It's really as simple as clicking, going back and forth, testing out what you have. And going from there, you can also change your fonts if you want. To change the navigation font, this will control what you see up at the top.

If you want to update or change any other information, here: phone number, headline, sub-headline, the paragraph titles - every time you push your mouse over to the left-hand side of the dashboard, it will highlight what it is that your changes will affect inside of the content or in the preview area.

So there also information about changing the fonts for your product’s elements. When you start posting images into your e-commerce area, as well as image captions, this would be the writing that goes underneath your actual pictures.

Your gallery captions: this is also under groups of pictures you may have and then, if you have a slideshow option selected, this will also change what goes under your slideshow. So everything about Weebly is customizable. Each theme has different areas that can be customized so that no two websites ever look the same, even though you might start with the similar theme. That's another great option with Weebly.

The other thing that most people choose Weebly for is there's no coding required. So while there is the Edit HTML CSS box down at the bottom, there's no need to panic. You don't have to do anything with this at all. You can stick to utilizing the drag-and-drop features and you'll still end up with a wonderful beautiful site.

So, just wanted to give you a quick run-through of all of the different things: how you go into each area, what each area does this is for your store, for Kiko's & Miles. This is set up again for product placement and it gives you everything from your address and contact information, how you add your products, how you can set up payments to receive. It's as simple as clicking. They access Stripe, Square, and Authorize Nick, as well as, PayPal Express Checkout, which requires an upgraded account depending on which Weebly account you have.

So most of the major business payment systems are set up inside of Weebly, so you shouldn't have to go and start any new accounts. You're able to come and use what you're already utilizing and the names and the systems that customers trust.

The last area we're going to talk about in this video is the settings area. Once you have your site title, just know that you can come into this section and if you have special memberships or you want to set up a password protected area (where you don't have a separate membership but just a password), you simply click here in your settings and you type in a password. And that information can only be accessed when the person has that password.

You can also contribute to your site search engine optimization (that's SEO). You can put that information here so that you're able to track anything through Google webmasters analytics, all of the different ways that you can utilize to make sure that your marketing efforts are paying off. So you can tweak change and adjust. Those are set up here inside of the settings options.

The member's area is for those Weebly accounts that are paying a little bit more: that's the professional and the business. You can have 100 members on one of the options and you can have unlimited members on the other. And then for your blog, you can set up how many posts are showing. On the web page, share buttons whether or not you have an author and article titles and tags showing on the sidebar. It also allows you to add customized HTML if you want to, but you don't have to so, as you can see.

While it is robust and it gives you lots of flexibility, the Weebly site can absolutely be created without a link or an inch of coding. So again, this is the back end and what we've basically talked about is how you can go through and what you can do in order to change the details and the settings of your Weebly site.

Come back next time and we will discuss how to upload your pictures and how to schedule your blog posts so that your content continues to flow for your clients and your customers. See you at the next tutorial!

Updated on February 26, 2020

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