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Video: Building a Website with Weebly – Part Three


Learn how to upload pictures and schedule blog posts in Weebly.


We are back for part three of Building a Weebly Website with Pair Networks hosting's.

We're inside of our Account Control Center and we're going to go into Add-ons. We're going to click on Weebly Site Builder and it will take us to the same page as before, where we will be offered the domain names for the site. We will click on the domain name that we're using, which in this case is tutorials.parasite.com and then we will go to Edit Weebly Site once you're inside of the Weebly Site Builder, we're going to go ahead and run right into what we're doing with our new site.

On your screen, there won't be that testing information. You'll actually just be brought to your beautiful website being built. So today we're going to focus on how to add the elements here in the main pages. Last time we talked about starting our food truck but you know what, we decided we're not going to start for the truck. We're going to start a flower shop because our garden is blooming and we like to create beautiful crafts and things of that nature with our flowers.

So we can always go right back to settings like we talked about before and create a new site title. If we're utilizing the text option and then you just click Save. You're all set and you go back to where you are, which is the front page, the build page, and then you can start to build your site details. So we can start up here.

This area is the background of the top header. You can replace the header layout or you can just edit the background. You are able to insert images you can also insert and change it to just a solid color, or you can insert a video. If you're going to use video of course, you're going to want to change the layout so that the video is actually visible based on the screen. But if you wanted to change colors you can just change make it a simple color. If you want to do a basic minimalist look at the top, you can do that as well. Or we can take it back to an image and we can just replace the image because... right! We're not doing that - we're doing flowers now.

So we can go in change it and now we have an image. The most important thing, though, is to make sure that your image dimensions show up in a way that's not fuzzy or pixelated. So, since that didn't happen here, you have to go back into it and change it or we can leave it that way. Of course I'm not gonna leave it that way, so I'll cancel and we can go back in. And let's just say we're going to make it a color until we can find the perfect image that shows off our beautiful floral artistry.

Now let's go into the next step. So we're doing pair Flowers and More. We have an element here, we want to add an image. You just pull the option over from the left-hand side and you insert the picture that you're looking for. It pulls up. If you want to edit the picture - make it bigger or smaller, you have that option. Again, it'll reset everything - it's going to try to keep the picture as crisp as possible.

If you're using a .JPEG, those will start to get blurry faster than a .PNG just based on the technology for the image type. So just keep that in mind when you're selecting your pictures from wherever your host or your source for your pictures is.

If you're not utilizing stock photo... if you're utilizing stock photos then you want to make sure you get a PNG. If you're not utilizing stock photos, then you want to make sure that the size of the image works well with the pixelation on your screen so your users and your customers have a great, beautiful experience.

So we have this now let's say we want to put a title for this page you just add. It's literally drag-and-drop. Everything you do can be controlled right here inside of the preview. Unlike other content management systems, you're able to see what it's going to look like immediately when you utilize the Weebly builder.

So let's say you want to now add in a gallery. You just bring that in. You look for the line to show you where it's going to drop the element that you just added and then you go from there. So everything you need is right here inside of the Builder in all of your images and everything that you're trying to add to your page can be made available as you go let's say you look at the photos and you look at the top. Oh no, that's not going to work.

Again, simple quick easy. You just switch out the colors. You can go inside here. If you know your hex numbers let's say you have logos or other things prepared or you're using a system, like Canva, it'll give you the hex number.  You can just input that number here, as well. Let's say we just want to go with white. There you go!  We're just going to go with white and now we're good and we're able to move on to the next section.

So, again, every time you want to change an element, anytime you want to place something inside of what's visible for your visitors to your site, you simply come to the left-hand side drop it in and it'll bring that information forward. You can always go in. You can edit the form options. Everything that you need to do is visible and everything that you're going to look for will pop up on your screen from inside of your Weebly Site Builder. So if you have pop-up blockers, be sure to check the information or allow the Weebly site to show them this is where your information would be in the event that you had someone sign up or send you content form information.

So that's how that works if you decide, “Oh no, I want to put that on another page” just always hover in the right-hand corner of whatever element that you're utilizing. Click on the X and it will simply delete what you just added. It's that simple.

Let's say I decide I don't want that. I'm going to change the layer altogether. I don't want - I want that layout to be different - altogether different. You can choose a different header layout and it will change the entire look and feel of your site. That is, again, one of the beautiful things about Weebly Site Builder.

So every time you want to build anything, change anything, always go back to the build option and just pull those things over here into the middle of your area. And if you have signed up for a particular package and it's not included in that package, we believe it will let you know immediately whether or not the option you're trying to utilize isn't going to work.

So don't be disheartened. Of course, if that does happen, it'll just take you back to your  Account Control Center and we'll be able to upgrade you to the next commerce or Weebly site plan that you want to utilize in order for you to be able to make your site exactly what you want it to be. That is all that we're going to do in this part three of Building a Weebly Website and we're going to come back next time and we're going to talk about customizing your navigation to make sure that your shoppers and your website visitors can get exactly where they need to be when you need them to be there. Thanks for watching!

Updated on February 26, 2020

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