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Video: Building a Website with Weebly – Part Four


Learn how to customize your navigation and edit your shop site.


Welcome back! We are here in the Pair Networks Account Control Center. Once again, we are working on building a Weebly website as part of your Pair hosting package.

You're going to go under Add-on. You're going to click Weebly Site Builder and it's going to take you into your Weebly site so that you're able to start creating your masterpiece. Now, last time we talked about adding elements and putting together your site, making it exactly what you want it to be. We inserted images. We also added a contact form and deleted it. We changed the top header layout, just in case it's not what we wanted, and now we're going to work on customizing your page navigation and show you the simple tricks. The simple things that you can do to make sure that everything works the way you want it to.

Let's say, for instance, you have decided like you're not doing a food truck anymore. Again we're doing a flower shop now, so we're going to change this to Flower Options. Anytime you want to change the name of the page, you simply go under Pages, click on the area where you want to change it, go under Page Names.

You're good to go, so we're now doing the flower shop and now we're going to change these options. So let's add a page because we have something - Oh! apparently we have to upgrade to add a page. So let's change this page, since we can't upgrade yet. We're going to change updates to Shop so that we can make this our store and we're going to show you how easy it is now to rearrange the menu items and then we're going to go into how you can create a drop-down menu.

So if I just want to make all of these come down out of the shop option, I simply shrink it and so now when I go up to menu, it brings Shop and then every time you make it smaller, it makes the next drop-down list created. Of course, if you have more than five pages you have to be a Pro Account, but in the event that this is how you want it to be done that is how you make your navigation change from a flat navigation to a drop-down menu.

Let's look at some other things we can do. When you come in to your actual Weebly Website Builder if you have a YouTube, you drop that element in and it brings up this information and then you can actually put in the URL of your YouTube video and it'll actually pull up the video that you want to utilize for your website. In the event that you don't want something shown - you want a video that can't be seen on YouTube you simply drag over this: HD video element. And, again, if you're not a Pro Account holder it’s not going to work. But if you are, it will give you the opportunity to actually upload your video onto the actual network for the site builder.

So you have the option of using videos hosted on YouTube or videos hosted on Vimeo, anywhere that you can do an embed, which if you want to embed code that's here in the Basic. Anywhere you want to have additional clicks or views, then you simply go here and you edit your custom HTML where you would either type in your HTML. If you know it by heart, if you code, then you can type that information in here and if not, you can just right click and paste as you would normally.

So that is how you can utilize all of the different ways that you can customize your site. If you don't have HTML -  you decide, “ugh, it’s too much.” Again, always just click the X and it will bring you back to a blank screen that you can continue to customize.

So once you have everything set up, if you want to change any of the layout any of the pages, again, just remember you can always click on the Pages section and if you decided that the theme that you're working for... working on doesn't work for you, you simply go to Themes and change it again to something that works better. That's always an option. That is one of the best things about using the Weebly site builder. You can always change your themes. You can always customize and you can always upgrade.

So, let's say we're ready to launch our store. I'm going to Add Information, Set Up > Checkout, click on Edit. Then you'll be able to input your information. All of this information will be updated and utilized to make sure that when your customers come in, they're able to get in contact with you and basically shop with you based on whatever rules or information is needed for where you're based. We're based here in America, so this is what we need.

All of the information that you change or or anything that you adjust will automatically be saved, unless it's in the settings area. So you want to make sure that when you're updating anything here inside of the live drag-and-drop builder that you're able to input the information or you're able to have that right there with you.

Once you start to move an element as you can see it cannot be placed back inside. You want to drop it in, but if you decide, “oh that's not what I wanted to do,” remember, you can always change it by going into the corner and clicking on the little X and then it will be restored back to the proper space over here on the left hand side of your dashboard.

So as you can see being able to utilize Weebly to build a new website is very easy. When you actually set up your Pair NetworkS account, your Pair Networks hosting account will offer you a free Weebly site, which is the site that we're using here now. However if you want to have additional access to multiple elements that are not included in the free plan, all you have to do is go back here. Let's try that again we tried to do HD video. Let's put HD video here and when you click upgrade it will take you back to your Account Control Center. You log back in and then you'll be able to upgrade to whatever Weebly site plan you want to utilize with your Pair Networks hosting accounts.

Thank you again for joining us for Building a Weebly Website. We hope you'll come back real soon. We're going to be doing some advanced tutorials, starting with how to build an online membership site when you have an advanced account, like a business or professional level.

Thank you again for watching a tutorial have a great day!

Updated on February 26, 2020

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