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Troubleshooting: My Website is Inaccessible




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Here are some common reasons why your site may be down.

File Permissions

What is it?

File permissions are assigned to files to establish who can interact with them. If your file permissions are incorrectly configured, it may be keeping your website from being viewable.

Is It Happening to Me?

Receiving a 500 internal server error may indicate this is the problem, but the best way to find out is to check your files in the Account Control Center (ACC) and make sure they are properly configured.

How to Fix

Read our File Permissions article to learn about permissions and how to set new ones in the ACC.

Password Protection

What is it?

Your webpage may be protected by basic authorization, which requires visitors to sign-in before accessing the website.

Is It Happening to Me?

If you visit your website and a dialogue box requesting you to sign-in appears, your website is most likely using a type of basic authorization.

How to Fix

If you see a login box like this, someone has set up restricted access to your site. Contact your site's administrator or contact Pair Networks’ support.


What is it?

HTTP and HTTPS are the standards for data transmission between the browser and webpage. HTTPS is the secure version of HTTP and is used when confidential information is involved, such as online checkouts.

Is It Happening to Me?

Having a secure (HTTPS) website address with insecure (HTTP) links may result in a changed page display or a page that cannot be viewed.

How to Fix

Check your links and make sure all addresses are “HTTPS,” not “HTTP.” Images are also considered links, so you should check them, too.

Invalid DNS Error

What is it?

If your nameservers are not correctly registered with the hosting service, it may result in an “Invalid DNS” error when you try to visit the website.

Is It Happening to Me?

You can check your domain name at Pair Domains’ Whois records to see if your domain is set-up correctly with the hosting service.

How to Fix

If you have not connected your domain to a hosting service, you need to find your name servers and provide them with your hosting service.

If you need help finding your Pair Networks’ nameservers, read this article.

Updated on February 28, 2020

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