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What are WordPress Permalinks?

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A permalink is a stable human-readable and search engine-friendly link to your article.

WordPress URL Structure

The default URL structure of WordPress is to append, for example, "/?p=123" to the end of the URL to view article 123. This URL is nice and short, but is difficult for visitors and search engines because it doesn't give any information about the post's content.

Changing Your URL Structure

Visit the permalink settings interface by clicking on Settings and then Permalinks in the WordPress admin panel.

It is not recommended that you change your permalink structure after you have already established your site and audience. Other people may have bookmarked pages on your site or other blogs and articles may have links to your site. Changing your permalink format could cause these bookmarks and third-party links to not work.

Plain: Use the post ID number in the URL as: ?p=123

Day and Name: Use the date as YYYY/MM/DD and post name

Month and Name: Use the date as YYYY/MM and post name

Numeric: Use just the post's ID number

Default: Use just the post name

Custom Structure: Use WordPress variables to create your own URL structure

Updated on September 14, 2021

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