Why Register a Domain Name?

There are many reasons you may want to register a domain name for your site. Your default website address without a domain name looks like this:


A domain name is easier to remember and looks more professional:


Another bonus you get with a domain name is the ability to use it for email. You can set up mailboxes such as info@example.com or webmaster@example.com.

How to Register Domain Names

You can add as many domain names as you’d like to your pair Networks Web hosting plan.

If you already have a pair Networks account, you can register domain names directly from the Account Control Center (ACC):

  • Log in to the Account Control Center
  • Select Domains
  • Select Register a New Domain Name
  • Enter domain name and select Proceed
  • Select either Yes, I am a pair Domains customer or No, I am not currently a pair Domains customer
  • Enter Account Name or Password or create them
  • Enter payment information
  • Review the pair Domains Service Agreement
  • Select Submit Registration

If you haven’t signed up for a Web hosting plan yet, you can register one domain name during the signup process. You can register more domain names once your account is set up. If you register a domain name via the Account Control Center and add it to your Web hosting account, your domain hosting set-up fees will be waived.

Our domain name registration service supports domain names ending in .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .us, .cn, and .ws.