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How Do I Get More RAM?




Why Would I Want More RAM?

RAM stands for random access memory. While called memory, RAM is not storage. It’s the active memory of a server. RAM is what runs the software programs and operating system. If you don’t have enough RAM, the system can become sluggish and, if it becomes too bogged down, it can crash.

Do I Need More RAM?

If your server seems slow, check the following questions. If any apply to you, you may be in need of more RAM.

Do you run scripts or database on your website?

Running scripts and databases on your website can be server intensive. If you have noticed a slow down recently after incorporating a script/database, it may be too much for your current RAM amount.

Do you have a Content Management System (CMS)?

If you use a CMS and have multiple users, adding more users can impact the server negatively if you don’t have enough RAM to handle it.

Do you have high traffic flow to your website?

High traffic means that the server is probably loading information for multiple people simultaneously. If RAM can’t keep up, it will limit the server to processing each user request individually, often causing your site to slow down drastically.

Do you have a security application running on your server?

Having a security application open and running on your server can impact the server performance negatively if it doesn’t have enough RAM to keep up with both the regular processes and a constantly operating security application.

How Do I Upgrade?

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting RAM does not increase by upgrading shared hosting packages.

If you are on shared hosting but do not have enough RAM, you may want to consider upgrading to another hosting type, such as VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting’s RAM can be increased by upgrading VPS packages. Refer to our VPS package page to see what each package offers.

You can upgrade your package in the ACC. Check out our How to Upgrade Your Account Type article for more information.

VPS gives customers the option to only upgrade disk space. Make sure you have a package selected when upgrading, not a disk space option.

Dedicated Hosting

Changing dedicated hosting RAM requires replacing some of the physical hardware in your server. Because of this, your dedicated hosting package’s RAM can only be upgraded by contacting Pair Networks’ Sales team:

  • sales@pair.com
  • +1 877 724-7638 (US & Canada)
  • +1 412 381-7247 (Global)
Updated on February 26, 2020

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