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  • pairNIC - domain name registration (as low as $13/year)
  • pairSIM - one-click software installation
  • pairCDN - content delivery network
  • pair reseller program - reselling our Web site hosting services
  • pairColo - co-location packages and network services in Pittsburgh, PA
  • pair Networks does not offer "Business Associate" services under HIPAA

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The Basics

New Account Information
Welcome Message
Moving Your Web Site to pair Networks
Moving Your MySQL Database to pair Networks
Domain Name Services
New Domain Information
Existing Domain Information
Uploading Files Using FTP
Our File Directory Structure
Connecting with SSH
Anonymous FTP Services
File Permissions
Password Protected Directories
Unix Basics
Using Sellers Assistant
Troubleshooting: Access Problems
Troubleshooting: Network Problems
Troubleshooting: Nameservice (DNS)

Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Mail
Domain Names
Account Features
Contacting pair
General Information
Movable Type


Virtual Mailboxes
Setting up an E-Mail Reader
SMTP Service at pair Networks
Using the Pine Mail Program
E-Mail Forwarding, Autoresponders, and Advanced Configurations
Junk E-Mail Filtering Overview
Junk E-Mail Filtering And Your E-Mail Reader
Junk E-Mail Filtering: Advanced Options
Using Qmail
E-Mailing Lists
Troubleshooting: E-Mail Problems
Saving Junk E-Mail Messages to a File
Enhanced Junk E-Mail Filtering System FAQs
Understanding and Stopping Junk E-Mail From Your Domain Name

Insider Newsletter Tech Articles

The Importance of Data Backups, Pt. 1
E-Mail Tutorial, Pt. 1
E-Mail Tutorial, Pt. 2
E-Mail Tutorial, Pt. 3


E-Commerce Basics
Using ShopSite
Merchant Accounts and Payment Gateways
Using SSL
osCommerce Basics
PCI Compliance


FAQ: pairCloud
SSH Keys
Tutorials: CentOS
Installing a LAMP Stack
Installing Packages
Upgrading Packages
Apache Virtualhost
Tutorials: Ubuntu
Installing a LAMP Stack
Installing Packages
Upgrading Packages
Apache Virtualhost

About Your Account

Finding Account Information
The Account Control Center
Changing Your Password
Disk Space and Bandwidth Usage
Web Stats: Analog
Web Stats: Webalizer
Managing Additional FTP Logins

Our Network and Servers

Operating System and Software
Installed MIME Types
Installed Perl Modules
Installed Ruby Gems
Secure Server (SSL) Information
Network Status
System Notices


Frequently Asked Questions: Invoices
Frequently Asked Questions: Payments
Frequently Asked Questions: Billing Cycle
Frequently Asked Questions: Other
How to Read Invoices
Contacting the Billing Department